Xabi recognises Red traditions

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Midfielder Xabi Alonso has spoke like a Liverpool supporter as much as a player and echoed the thoughts of many Reds around the world when commenting on the seemingly imminent takeover of the club.

“Since I’ve been in Liverpool, one of the things I’ve noticed most is how much the club and people respect and realise the importance of their traditions.

“Of course, we all want to develop and improve the club, but it’s also important to respect the traditions. I’m sure that’s how the supporters feel, and it’s the same for the players. It’s not always easy to get the right balance because in football you must sometimes change, but if you do things step by step and in the right way, it’s even better.

“Some of the players here have been in Liverpool for a long time, and they understand what Liverpool means to the people, the city and the whole area. The new players also understand that commitment, and I’m sure that anyone who comes to Liverpool will see this.

“It’s clear investment will bring a lot of good things to Liverpool, but I’m sure the new people will also recognise the good things at the club which we already have which don’t need to change so much.”

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