Round-Up Writers Required!

Last week we began to add two features which we hoped would become regular features to the website – the daily newspaper review and news round-up articles.

Many months ago we decided not to ‘deliver’ news reports on the website and focus on getting genuine exclusive content written by fans – after all, there’s so many media outlets which report the same stories each day thesedays unlike when we first started almost six years ago when the national newspapers didn’t have their own websites.

However, as we well know, not everybody has the time – or the desire – to trawl through the back pages of the paper (or virtual newspapers online!), so we wanted to begin providing daily news round-ups, reporting the LFC related articles from respected journalists and saving visitors the work!

Unfortunately we’ve not been able to keep these up-to-date this week; the website is still a labour of love for us and as we approach six years of being online as This Is Anfield we are looking for some new blood to help us keep the site up to date.

Whether you’re an aspiring journalist or simply in a job where you can slack off for half an hour in the morning to add a review of the back pages, then get in touch via the contact us page.

If you’d like to add a paper review or news round-up for a specific day each week, say ‘Sunday’s Back Pages’, or add them whenever you can, both would be welcome additions and in return we’ll sort you out with one of the eagerly awaited TIA t-shirts when we get them into production!

If you’re not really interested in writing news round-ups but want to get your views aired on the site then also get in touch, either via the forums contacting Matt or Max, or via the contact us page. We’re always looking for well written LFC content and in particular the basics such as match reports and match previews.

And finally, a shameless plug for the TIA Shop which is – still – a work in progress but if you’re buying from Amazon or looking for some Christmas shopping inspiration take a look and anything bought through us helps with site running costs and to the future of the TIA FC.