Guillem Balague on Rafa’s future

Renowned Spanish journalist and friend of Rafa Benitez’s, Guillem Balague, recently spoke on Sky Sports’ Revista Da La Liga show and was asked about the rumours linking Benitez with a return to Real Madrid and about the British media’s seeming agenda for Benitez to leave Liverpool.

Watch the clip below, smile and ignore all the bullshit press of late.

Yesterday, Benitez himself said:

“I don’t know how many times I have to say this before certain people believe me. But I will say it again because it is really important that everyone understands this – I love the club, I love the fans, I love the city and I am very, very happy here. I do not see my future at Real Madrid or Inter Milan or anywhere else. I see my future at Liverpool and this is where I want to stay.”

“I was shocked when I was told about the stories in the Sunday papers. To see my name linked with other clubs in such a manner really disappoints me. And the fact that the newspapers said that the stories had come from ‘a source close to me’ is what disappoints me most.

“All I can say is, no such quotes came from me and I know my friends well enough to know that they did not come from them. So I can only assume that the conversation I had with the journalists from the Sunday newspapers meant something different to them than me.”


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