Breakaway club ‘AFC Liverpool’ formed

A group of Liverpool fans have announced that they have formed a new football club, AFC Liverpool, to provide fans with a cheaper alternative to watching regular football.

The fans don’t blame Liverpool Football Club for the expensive cost of top-flight football, but say they want to provide a way of once again allowing the community to experience the ‘œmatch-going culture’.

Alun Parry, spokesman for AFC Liverpool, says, “Far from wishing to be estranged from the club, we are hoping that Liverpool will look upon us as a little brother,” he said.

“I’ve been going to Anfield since the late Seventies when I was six years old. A season ticket in the Kop cost £45 in 1985, today it’s £650.

“In inflation terms, Eighties prices should equate to £98 today.”

The club claim over 200 fans have already expressed interest in buying into the club. The supporters-owned system would allow fans to have an equal say on important club decisions.

Parry continued, “By creating a team with an explicit LFC identity, it gives us a club that we can collectively own and have a reason to support.”

The club have now applied to be accepted into the North West Counties League Division Two from next season.

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