Chelsea to provide a fake atmosphere

Chelsea will be giving away 30,000 generic flags to their fans for the match next Wednesday as they promise to make it “most colourful”. Their website claims “flags have become as much a part of Champions League nights at the Bridge as the pre-kick-off anthem and referees from foreign parts and 30,000″. (Try not to laugh, please!)

Apparently Chelsea TV are running a reality show this week to find the best flag waver to orchestrate the fans and their flags before kick off.

There’s nothing like that feeling of being given the same flag as 30,000 others to be waved around to create such a plastic atmosphere. I mean, why go to the bother of actually creating an atmosphere and taking time to create a unique banner with some witty caption celebrating the club’s history when you can wave some crap mass produced by the club.

Oh, that’s right, Chelsea have no history to celebrate, I remember now…


A real atmosphere with colour.