Rant: Mancs show their colours

Man United manager Alex Ferguson came away from Liverpool on Saturday having seen his side drop two points against Everton, but not before he’d moaned about the referee – again.

Ferguson has a habit of undermining referees – not that the FA do anything about it – and after Alan Wiley gave a surprisingly good performance of fair officiating, Ferguson couldn’t help but blame the ref.

Take a look at this situation; Rooney goes in for a challenge with Arteta, ref judges Rooney to have clobbered the Everton midfielder, ref gives a booking to Rooney, the ex-Everton “I bleed Blue” boy, in his wisdom, attempts to incite crowd violence (a bookable offence) by kissing the United badge on his shirt (he must have learnt that one from Gary Neville), the ref doesn’t book him again but kindly tells him not to do it again. Who’s to blame? Ah, the ref, of course…

Old Whiskey nose said: “The referee was to blame, and the crowd was egging him on and there was every chance he may have been sent off, and not for anything he did in the game.”

That’s right, the ref was to blame – despite him not sending him off? Right.

Incidentally, Rooney really showed his true colours with his actions, not only towards the fans and club which made him into a professional footballer, but also towards his ‘new love’ just when they needed a goal getting all carried away and forcing his manager to sub him for his own good. If ever Joey Barton wanted to redeem himself in some way shape or form there’s an opportunity when Newcastle next play United.

Then Ferguson had a good moan about tackles which took place. No doubt citing Phil Neville’s wonderful challenge on Ronaldo when he clearly played the ball, won the ball, but also caught the ‘man’ (I use that term loosely) but which then saw Ronaldo react like a sniper had shot him in the knee, eblow, shoulder and toe whilst rolling over 5 times. If you ask me, Ronaldo should’ve been booked for simulation – it clearly was and so was surely a bookable offence?

Neville might have caught the cunt (sorry did I say that out loud?) but the pitch was wet and it was a fast paced game, shit happens in football. Fergie moaned “I don’t think the referee protected our players enough. I don’t know what the game’s coming to with some of the tackles going in.”

“With the ferocity of the challenges, somebody’s going to get a bad injury.” Yes, hopefully it’s Ronaldo.

The amazing thing is, good old England captain, Rio ‘once banned for 9 months for a drug related offence’ Ferdinand managed to run 40 yards across the pitch to have a go at Neville and what did the ref do? No, he didn’t send him off, or even book him (remember Mascherano at Old Trafford when he did the same whilst attempting to protect Torres?), no the ref just pushed Rio away more like a team mate would.

The most amazing thing is, the FA will do absolutely nothing about Ferguson’s comments once again and instead referees will continue to give United favourable decisions.

It makes you happy to support a club whose players don’t play to the cameras, act like prima-donors and whose manager shows intergrity and humility.