Torres: Some things more important than money

Most Liverpool fans fell in ‘love’, football love of course (call it man love it makes it ok) with Fernando Torres when he rounded the Chelsea defence and opened the scoring on his home debut merely 16 months ago.

If they didn’t then, they surely had by the time he scored against Arsenal at the Kop end in the Champions League quarter final, when it seemed the Kop was ready to crumble such was the bouncing going on in the stands.

Come May our record signing had broke van Nistelrooy’s record for the most goals scored by a foreign player in a debut Premier League season and in doing so written himself into the history books and hearts of Liverpool fans forever. It led us all to adopt Spain during the Euro’s and our El Nino didn’t let us down, scoring the winner in the final of course.

It’s been a frustrating season so far, plagued by hamstring injuries, but away from the pitch our Spanish sensation continues to say all the right things. In another brilliant interview Torres talks to Martin Samuel in the Daily Mail, again proclaiming his love for the club and questioning Kaka’s potential move to Man City.

Torres said “It would be a fantastic contract, yes, but there are other things more important than money. A player wants to be remembered for what he has won, for the medals, for what he has given his club.

Imagine 10 years after you stop playing, you go back, you look around, you are not in any picture, you have no medals, no trophies; it is like you played for nothing. You may have a fantastic car, a fantastic home, but what does it matter?”

Makes you smile doesn’t it?

While speaking about Liverpool, Torres sees likeness with his first club Atletico Madrid;

‘˜Liverpool is a massive club in reputation, but as soon as I came here it felt like Atletico to me. It is a working city, an honest city. The people work all week, and on Saturday they want to go to Anfield and watch the best team in the world. I had many offers in football, I had many big clubs to choose from, so I decided on something more than football.

‘˜The people here, the history, the way everybody comes together, I looked at that and I thought we have the chance to make this one of the greatest clubs in the world, again.

‘˜Now I feel Liverpool is my English club, the way Atletico is my Spanish club. I would not like to play for another English or Spanish club. This feeling is very important to me.’

Torres also talks about his desire to win the Champions League, the importance of not letting Man United make it 18 titles and his desire to of course win the Premier League.

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