Fans react to Rafa’s new deal

Rafa Benitez’s new five-year deal with Liverpool has sparked a lot of joy and happiness amongst Liverpool fans, but also a bit of fear that the club might be making a big mistake.

Those fans who have constantly kept the faith with Benitez, despite inconsistent results, tactical blunders and strange press outbursts this season are revelling in the fact that the Spaniard could be with us until 2014.

However those fans who were calling for his head just weeks ago are not happy and have worries about the imminent future.

Here’s a selection of some of the reaction to Rafa’s new deal from some of our forum members. You can read more fans reaction and join in the discussion here.


Looks like I’ll have to fall in behind him and see what happens over the next 5 years. I just hope he manages to learn alot from his mistakes.


Absolutely delighted! There’s no other manager other than Rafa currently that I would want to manage LFC.


I couldn’t be happier right now (unless we had just won the League title or the Champions League)… Now we can get down to business and finish off the season with a bang.


Can the last eight days get any better?


I’m just really glad that this whole episode is over. Are we all thinking this could also signal something in terms of the ownership of the club?


Fantastic news.I think this summer could be a turbulent one, with the ownership and financial issues we face. Nailing Rafa down with a 5 year contract will help with stability and security at the club.


Whether you think he’s the right man or not you have to admit that stability is the most important thing at this stage.

Spirited Away:

Although I remain in doubt with Rafa’s ability to bring the league title back to Anfield, this is really a good news.

Jose Marcos:

I don’t like Benitez and always say so. So I am not so happy with this. The most important thing is to win trophy. Now if we don’t win a trophy this year the people will say that we are building and now with more Benitez the trophys come next year or sometime.


I still think he’s the one to take us to our next league trophy, and even as we wait for it, we know he’ll continue to keep us at number 1 in Europe. A Champions League trophy, with a Premier League trophy to follow next season, would do nicely.

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