Dalglish full of optimism

Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish says there are many positive things to take from this season, despite narrowly missing out on the league title at the weekend.

Dalglish, who has recently been linked with a move back to Anfield and joining Rafa Benitez’s team of staff, says the Reds are in a fantastic position to put up a stronger challenge next season.

“They’ve pushed them a lot harder than they have in the previous three or four years,’ Dalglish told BBC Radio Merseyside.

“They can certainly be proud of their efforts this season. This year there has been a lot of optimism and we can look forward to next year.”

When asked to respond to the recent rumours surrounding his return to the club, Dalglish told the presenter, “We’ll just have to wait and see. If I can be of any help to this football club then I will be.

“If it’s more helpful for me to be a supporter then fine. It’s no problem, I don’t have any grievances with anyone.”