Hansen: We’ll win number 19

Former Liverpool defender and Match of the Day pundit Alan Hansen says there’s no reason why Liverpool can’t rain on Manchester Utd’s parade, win the Premier League title next season and go one better of Utd again in the all-time League Championships records.

Alex Ferguson’s men equalled Liverpool’s record of 18 League titles by winning the top flight this season, just four points ahead of the Reds.

But Hansen is confident that Rafa Benitez will improve his squad this summer so that an even bigger assault on the title can be put up next season.

He told the club’s official magazine, “There’s no doubting the fact we’ll begin 2009-10 with a better chance of winning the league than at any time in recent history.

“It’s just getting the knack of knowing how to win the Premier League now because there is certainly a way of winning it. Manchester United have proved they’ve got that knack and now Liverpool have got to prove we’ve got it too.

“What a message it would send out to everybody if, the year after they’ve finally made it 18-18, we respond by going ahead of them again.

“Get things right this summer and I believe Rafa Benitez’s Liverpool can do exactly that.”