No. 68 – The Day Hicks and Gillett took over…

No. 68 – The Day Hicks and Gillett took over….

On March 28, 2007, American tycoons George Gillett and Tom Hicks, the two National Hockey league team owners sealed a deal with Liverpool for a take over. Gillett, who owns the NHL’s Montreal Canadiens, joined forces with Hicks, owner of the NHL’s Dallas Stars and the Texas Rangers baseball team, to win the bid to takeover the club.

Rick Parry, Liverpool’s chief executive, commented that day… “This is great for Liverpool, our supporters and the shareholders – it is the beginning of a new era for the club.” Liverpool chairman David Moores told the club’s website: “I believe this is a great step forward for Liverpool, its shareholders and its fans. This club is my passion and forms a huge part of my life. After much careful consideration, I have agreed to sell my shares to assist in securing the investment needed for the new stadium and for the playing squad. I urge all my fellow shareholders to do the same and to support the offer. By doing so, I believe you will be backing the successful future of Liverpool Football Club.”

Making a joint statement, Gillett and Hicks also commented…. “Liverpool is a fantastic club with a remarkable history and a passionate fan base. We fully acknowledge and appreciate the unique heritage and rich history of Liverpool and intend to respect this heritage in the future.!! The Hicks family and the Gillett family are extremely excited about continuing the Club’s legacy and tradition.”

Last June, Larry Moran wrote on the Liverpoolbanter website “We’ll probably never know the full story but what is certain is that since the two Americans bought the club we’ve won nothing, seen no new stadium built, seen the manager undermined and been plunged into huge debt.”