This Is Anfield meets… Ryan Babel: Liverpool, Jay-Z and Twitter

Liverpool winger Ryan Babel kindly took time out of his busy schedule after the Sunderland defeat at the weekend to answer some quick questions from fans in the This Is Anfield Forums.

In a recent poll on our web site, fans voted that your best position was up front as a striker. Where do you think is your best position?

I have always said that my position is striker. I was hoping to get a chance behind Torres but unfortunately I didn’t really get a chance.

So once again I’m a striker, who is playing on the wing – but I’m not a winger.

What do you work on most in training? What do you feel is lacking in your game?

I try to work on finishing with my left foot. I’m a very good finisher, but I wanna improve even more. I don’t wanna use 3 chances to score once. I wanna score on all my chances.

How did Benitez ‘sell’ the club and his vision to you when you signed?

Benitez is a very good manager who knows a lot about football and tactics. He told me what playing for Liverpool means, and with my third season here, I obviously know what playing for Liverpool means now.

Do you regret not making a bigger impact with the number of chances you’ve been given? Do you think you’ve been given a fair amount of appearances?

I can’t answer that question really, but let’s say a great chance for any player is to be given 4 or 5 games in a row.

Jay-Z Performs At The RoundhouseWho’s your favorite rapper or producer out right now? And of all time?
Best rapper alive: Jay Z / Best Producer : Dr. Dre

What aspects of life in England do you like – food, places, tv programmes, culture?

The culture in England is different to Holland. English people show more passion I think. I like it most of the time, sometimes though I think they show a little more passion then necessary. It’s a big country and I like London/Liverpool the most.

Do you hang out with any of the lads outside of training or matchdays, like go to restaurants or concerts together? Or maybe a few drinks in Carra’s bar?

The only players I hang out with are Dave Martin and Phillip Degan.

We enjoy following you on Twitter, do any of the other lads “Tweet” or do they ever have online banter with you?

As far as I know I’m the only one on Twitter, but it seems maybe that I will remove my Twitter soon, because it brings too much negativity with it. People on Twitter pretend that they are big Liverpool fans and expect to be a different person on Twitter. I will say that I’m not a type of person who needs Twitter to tell how I feel or what goes on in my life. Twitter is supposed to be a fun thing, but it’s not really fun anymore.

Thanks for answering our questions, Ryan.

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