Carragher rubbishes ‘end of Liverpool’ talk

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Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has hit back against media hype and negative fans, insisting that it is not all doom and gloom at Anfield – even if big players were to leave this summer.

The Reds face a summer of uncertainty with financial problems off the pitch, and pressure on the squad and manager Rafa Benitez after a dissapointing season on the pitch.

But Carragher says the team will bounce back from their current slump. He says, “People always talk about players leaving and saying ‘this is the end of Liverpool’. No chance.

“Better players than those we have now have left and we replaced them. I’m sure we’ll do well next season.”

“I know what it is like after a poor season. There is a lot of negativity.

“We have had it all season and I am sure we will have it again throughout the summer.

“Obviously I want to enjoy the World Cup and do well. But I can’t wait to get back to Liverpool and try to put it right.

“I want the people to come back who want to be there. If anyone doesn’t want to be here, no problem. No-one is bigger than Liverpool Football Club.”

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