Hodgson “won’t quit” but fans want him out

Roy Hodgson Manager Liverpool 2010/11 Manchester United V Liverpool (3-2) 19/09/10 The Premier League Photo Robin Parker Fotosports International Photo via Newscom

Liverpool boss Roy Hodgson told reporters after the 0-0 draw with Napoli that he has no intention to resign, despite rumours that had circulated prior to the match that he would walk out.

“I’ve heard the ridiculous rumors but I can tell you there is not an iota of truth in any of them,” he explained.

“The simple answer is I have never considered resigning and I never will.”

Most Liverpool fans though would advise the Englishman to do just that, and leave with some dignity. Support for Hodgson has almost completely evaporated in his short term as manager thus far – not that his appointment was ever welcomed with great embrace.

A vote among our members this week saw an incredible 95% vote in favour of replacing Roy Hodgson.

Aside from the club’s worst league start for over half a century – one win in eight games – Liverpool’s style of football has further alienated Hodgson from the support. Add his numerous gaffes in press conferences that have left many wondering if he’s taken lessons from Tom Hicks in what not to say.

The vote now appears to be unanimous, and while fans recognise that Hodgson is doing his best he is clearly well out of his depth, and this is showing by his comments to the media. While it may not be ‘The Liverpool Way’ to replace a manager mid-season and after such a short term in charge, a change is required before further damage is done.

Hodgson has already alienated Daniel Agger, and according to reports this week, two vital players in Fernando Torres and Pepe Reina.

The change in ownership provides an opportunity to create a new era at Anfield, the only way that can happen is with a new manger in charge too.

Do the right thing, John, listen to the fans and make the most important decision of your reign.