Letter from a Texas Rangers fan

The following is an email we received from a Texas Rangers fan yesterday. Hopefully the news of the potential sale of the club this morning means Liverpool fans will soon be feeling as liberated as this Rangers fan…

I am from Texas and am a lifelong Texas Rangers fan. I am also a huge Liverpool fan because my family is from there.

I just wanted to send some encouragement to all Liverpool fans and say that there is life after Tom Hicks. Since he has sold the Rangers, the entire culture of the club has changed. Prices have gone down at the Ballpark, the club has become more fan-centered, and even the players talk about the involvement of the new owners in contrast to Hicks’ style. Hicks tried to scratch as much out of his sale of the Rangers as he could, but the court systems caught him every step of the way. It won’t be easy getting rid of him, but it is an incredibly liberating feeling once he is gone.

Hicks didn’t run Liverpool into the ground because he doesn’t understand soccer or because he doesn’t understand Liverpool’s history. He ran it into the ground because he doesn’t understand people. He only thinks in terms of money, but what he failed to realize is that owning a sports franchise isn’t a profitable business. He tried his hand at many different sports and has failed at them all. It isn’t because he is an American owning an English club, its because he’s a greedy businessman trying to turn sports franchises into profitable entities. He failed to realize that not everyone thinks like him.

I am not saying that Liverpool fans should stop calling him a Yank and a Cowboy, (side note: Those are two polar opposite things here in America. Similar to calling someone a Scouser and a Cockney.) I am really just letting you know that people in America hate Hicks too. We have been able to rid ourselves of him, and I am certainly hoping Liverpool can too.