LFC Court Case: How events unfolded

The Chairman of Liverpool Football Club, Martin Broughton, leaves the High Court in London October 13, 2010. Premier League side Liverpool inched closer to a sale on Wednesday when a High Court judge ruled against their unpopular American owners and backed the club's board and its right to negotiate a deal.  REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth (BRITAIN - Tags: SPORT SOCCER BUSINESS)

Over 8,000 fans watched our live text commentary of the Liverpool court case over the last two days. Here’s the transcript how events unfolded in London in reverse-chronological order:

Wednesday, 13th October 2010

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Judge has ruled that Hicks & Gillett should pay court costs.

The sale to NESV will now be ratified at a board meeting today.

Latest is that NESV have had a court date for a declaratory judgement of Thursday 21st October to completely rid of Hicks and Gillett.

What a great day. Now H&G, never show your faces on Merseyside again.

Does this mean we can go back to talking about football?

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Get in!

No idea whether H&G will appeal yet, but RBS have won which means a deal can go through now to sell.

[Comment From james zipomok]

Breaking News: RBS have won!

Another shot of the High Court on telly… quite a nice building… OH COME ON WITH THE VERDICT!

[Comment From ferryman]
We´ve got Gerrard, Torres, Johnson, Agger and now Meireles who can pick out these wonders from their hat. Now lets get these two muppets out of our club and start winning games again!

@LucasLeiva87 on Twitter: Watching the news about Liverpool also.

Whilst we’re waiting, here’s Meireles’ goal for Portugal last night…


[Comment From Satha]
Yes, Let’s hope H&G are sent down the mine when all the Chileans are out. Hehehe…

Sky Sports News reporter outside the High Court, no sign of a verdict yet.

Still waiting for news from the court. Watch this space. Over in Chile, 7 of the 33 trapped miners have been rescued.

Sky Sports News saying we are moments away from the ruling… [cut to adverts]

We understand that the judgement is being given as we type this… news to follow….

So we could be in for a wait now with now information coming out of the courtroom until the case is adjourned. Head to the forums at http://forums.thisisanfield.com to see what the fans are saying, and watch this space!

[Comment From Oslo Red]
Ten o’clock??? If Mr Flloyd was a bus driver he would not be making friends. How many thousands are these extra minutes costing in fees?

Apparently live updates have been banned from the courtroom, so we’ve now got to rely on Chinese whispers, but we’ll get the latest to you as soon as we know…

[Comment From Wazza]
The suspense is killing me

Mr Justice Flloyd has arrived, so here we go…

On a side note, news from LFC.tv – Torres could well be fit for Sunday’s game against Everton.

@danroan – BBC – on Twitter: “So many fans crushed into court some are being asked to leave: “can we appeal” shouts one to laughter. That’s it from me until verdict.”

@DanBrennan99 on Twitter: “Had dream last night: Chilean miners emerging victorious from High Court; Hicks & Gillett being dispatched down mine shaft. A happy dream.”

Just awaiting Mr Justice Flloyd to his seat…

From The Guardian: The post-Hicks Texas Rangers won their first ever post-season series last night, to reach the American League Championship Series. If they beat the Yankees they will play in the World Series. There is life after Tom Hicks.

Okay here we go, let’s pray this is the last we see of Tom Hicks’ big fat head today. No doubt it won’t be, but it might be a step towards that. Court proceedings set to get underway shortly…

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[Comment From minusone]
Lets hope for a ruling in RBS favour, G&H’s case declared frivolous and the pair of them fined and ordered never to return to these shores under pain of death (…via rabid gerbils)

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[Comment From Dave]
We know today is not the end of it as both parties can appeal the decsion, but if it rules in favour of RBS, then it is a good sign that eventually they will win overall! YNWA

[Comment From Mike]
Id take anything positive from today but like any liverpool fan would love nothing more than to see hicks and gillet slung from the club by the british justice system.

@danroan (BBC) on Twitter: “Packed Court 18 – Purslow&Broughton here – clerk bans all media Twitter and live updates, even from outside, so once a verdict I’ll be back”

Remember, there is the big possibility of an appeal from either side after this judgement… this could continue to drag on after this morning.

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On Twitter, The Guardian’s @owen_g Back to High Court for #LFC judgment day. But legal frenzy unlikely to end here, whatever the result. Big winner? The lawyers, of course.

In other LFC news, Dirk could be sidelined for a few months after picking up a nasty ankle injury in Holland’s victory over Sweden last night.

For those of you just waking up, today is a massive day for Liverpool FC. The High Court is preparing to give judgement on whether Tom Hicks acted illegally in trying to remove Christian Purslow and Ian Ayre from the club’s board.

He as already admitted that he did. So let’s see what happens. If RBS wins, it should force through the £300million sale of the club to New England Sports Ventures. This deal has already been agreed and is legally binding.

We’re hearing that the judgement could be made as early as 10am. But could also drag out for hours, so it’s anyone’s guess.

Morning all and welcome to the biggest day in Liverpool Football Club’s history, or at least future.

Tuesday, 12th October 2010

Amazing scenes – we will know just after 10.30am tomorrow the verdict.

Comments open…

News just in – a judgement WILL be given on this at 10.30am tomorrow morning.

Closing comments for now…

[Comment From Pete]
It wasn’t Moores who caused this mess, it was that dick Parry, he advised him to sell to these 2 numpties

[Comment From Timmo]
I find it unbelievable that these 2 are prepared to see this wonderful club go down the tubes just so they can get their pieces of silver despite the fact they haven’t actually put any of their own money in. They are clingons that can’t be wiped away with toilet paper unfortunately

Would you be prepared to take the 9 point deduction to get rid of Hicks this week?
( 79% )
( 21% )

Summary from The Guardian:
RBS says owners have contradicted rules of sales agreement by trying to oust two members of the board and there should be a mandatory injunction imposed by the court to make sure the board is reinstated.

G&H admit they have breached sales agreement but say they only did it because the board excluded them from the sales agreement and refused to take into account stronger alternative bids to NESV. As a result, they dispute the injunction claim.

The Board disputes the claim that the owners were excluded from the sales agreement and says that instead the owners simply refused to take part. It also insists the NESV bid was the strongest on the table after a thorough process to find a buyer for the club.

David Moores, you caused this mess.

[Comment From ben]
even if NESV loose interest because of a 9pt deduction then peter lim would step in having heard him quote he would purchase the club even if the points were deducted

If RBS put Liverpool (well, Kop Holdings) in administration to regain control of the club, we’d have to hope NESV keep up their interest in purchasing us.

[Comment From Dave]
To be honest I think 9 points would be a small price to pay to get rid and start afresh as long as NEVS hang around!

Reuters news agency tells us: “If the Oct. 15 deadline for a refinancing of Liverpool’s debt is missed, lawyers believe RBS could take control of the club and conduct the sale itself.

“That could result in the holding company of the five-times European champions briefly being put into administration, which would result in the points deduction under Premier League rules.”

RBS QC says the bank will waive millions of pounds in fees if a resolution is made before Friday.

RBS QC says the 15th October deadline does actually exist. More lies from Hicks and Gillett.

It’s still going on in that courtroom. RBS’ QC just told the court, “RBS is a lender that deserves to be repaid £200m on Friday. It is wrong of Hicks and Gillett to try and delay that process.”

So I think we’re coming to the end of proceedings for today. The judge has basically said this is a very complex case, and we’re highly unlikely to have a decision this week. Hicks and Gillett, please please just walk away.

[Comment From BADER]
All what I fear we are now in the beginning of a dark tunnel begins with NESV exit and ends with a nine-point deduction

Will NESV keep up their interest in LFC now?

[Comment From Robert]
Lord Grabiner could possibly end up as our greatest player,ever.

This trial could go on for weeks…

Administration is very unlikely. Unless RBS are looking to resolve this quickly, in which case administration would be only way to change the board.

Broughton’s QC asked for a decision to be reached by Friday, but doesn’t look like this is going to be resolved any time soon.

Big news – Judge says it’s a “little ambitious” to have a verdict by Friday.

What a day this has been. Are we going to get a resolution?

[Comment From Richard Cheah]
Every seconds count… The long wait is almost over…

[Comment From Anfield Iron]
It took a minor miracle for the Red Sox to end the Curse of the Bambino. Lord Grabiner: can he end the curse of Tom Hicks?

[Comment From DWW]
I feel the end-game is here… Keep the faith!

Someone on Twitter earlier said this is like watching Cefax for the scores to update.

[Comment From FTTFF]
C’mon Lord Grabiner!!! This is Anfield!

A big point for me is that NESV set an expiry date on their offer, forcing the board to accept it on October 5th. That could win it for the board.

Broughton says the original offer from Meriton was “significantly less” than that of NESV.

Broughton is defending the board’s acceptance of NESV’s offer, saying they had approached over 130 investors. It was a thorough sale process.

[Comment From Guest]
33 years following me reds, never experienced anything like this, never tought I would, FOREVER RED – KEEPING THE FAITH, YNWA. John, Kildare,Ireland

[Comment From Haihien]
We’ve been translating all the facts & figures from you and the Guardian to Vietnamese in the real time. YNMA! Grabiner to win it for LFC. http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=102804486452578&id=102541299794126

From The Guardian: “Back to court: Lord Grabiner on the “home team” claim: He says it was the name of the conference line used by the board to listen to bids via telephone during meetings. Bidders had their own line and it was to make sure thaty they couldn’t accidentally hear each other.”

[Comment From Bassem]
I’m reading this all the way from Lebanon and I’m sweating like crazy, common LIVERPOOL!

There’s now well over 1,000 of you reading our commentary. Hopefully some big news soon…

[Comment From Guest]
£3k well fcuking spent if we get rid of them tossers

[Comment From peter]
i thought the Ryder cup was tense …this is unreal !!!

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@danroan on Twitter: Lord Grabiner’s now been speaking for an hour. That’s another £3k LFC have just spent on legal fees.

This was expected to last 2 hours, think we’re on about 3.5 now… tense? Don’t forget to join fans in the forums http://forums.thisisanfield.com

I need a strong drink…

Lord Grabiner says “slippery” owners simply refused to turn up to meeting on October 5th, knowing that NESV’s offer to buy the club would expire then. Plus, Hicks had a lawyer listening on the phone of that meeting. HA!

Awaiting judges verdict apparently…

See what fans are saying about this whole court case and join in at http://forums.thisisanfield.com

@danroan on Twitter: Tension mounting-Lord Grabiner qc now speaking for LFC – says H&G guilty of “slippery behaviour”

No news from the courtroom for a while. Watch this space!

This could be a defining point in the case. Lord Grabiner QC (for the board) has pointed out that Hicks got his son involved last week, despite him not being a board member.

On Twitter, @empireofthekop points out, “So Steve Horner (the one who received the email from Hicks Jr.) who is just a regular LFC fan like us might have saved LFC.” Had Hicks Jr not been removed from the board in that saga, Hicks could still have a majority on the board today.

Out of the three suitors, which one interests you the most?
( 74% )
Mill Financial
( 1% )
Peter Lim
( 25% )

Lord Grabiner QC has questioned why Hicks Jr was reffered to as part of when the communications on the board broke down last week when Hicks Jr wasn’t on the board.

Who is looking most likely to win the case?
( 90% )
Hicks and others
( 10% )

Remember, no need to refresh your browser now. This live text commentary of the court case will update automatically.

Lord Grabiner QC, speaking on behalf of the Liverpool board, dismisses everything H&G have said today saying it’s irrelevant, the board was there to choose who to sell to.

Ben Smith from The Times says, “Do not rule Mill Financial out of the race to own LFC.”

Okay we’ve moved to a new system to keep you in touch with what’s going on in the board room. You can catch up on the day’s events with the transcript of the story so far below.

2:50 – Hicks and Gillett representative claims the deadline with RBS isn’t this Friday anymore, it’s November 1st. Giving them more time to find a buyer. Hmm…

2:39 – Hicks claims he only tried to oust Purslow and Ayre from board after them, with Martin Broughton, broke sales agreement. Says they started referring to themselves as “the home team”.

2:35 – @danroan on Twitter: Incredible scenes outside the High Court – proper media scrum awaits LFC verdict

2:29 – Court shown letter from Hicks saying he “had become excluded from the sales process by the board”.

2:28 – @23_CarraGold on Twitter: Hold on, now The Greek says Paul Gascoigne has walked into the courtroom with a 4-pack and some fried chicken.

2:21 – Hicks and Gillett claim last Tuesday’s board meeting broke down and Martin Broughton, Christian Purslow and Ian Ayre agreed with RBS to sell to NESV.

2:18 – The Guardian now have a gallery of photographs from outside the high court.

2.:12 – If you’re just joining us, I guess the biggest thing is that Hicks’ party has admitted breaking contract. The case continues… don’t go anywhere.

2:08 – Court is resuming. What we understand is that overall, the power never lied with Hicks & Gillett, and that only Martin Broughton could make board decisions. So hopefully that’s a good thing. Let’s just hope NESV were the best suitor.

1:11 – Court has broken for lunch and will resume at 2pm. Think I need a beer…

1:10 – H&G: “Meriton believe their bid is the ‘preferred’ one of the board and is ‘superior’ to that of NESV.” The Guardian report that Meriton could be the bid of Peter Lim, the billionaire from Singapore.

1:01 – Hicks and Gillett now claiming that there was no Kop Holdings board meeting to agree NESV deal and were not informed of events after 4.30pm on October 5th (last Tuesday).

1:00 – @LiquidSpurs reporting on Twitter: “Mr Justice Floyd likes to think about his decisions over lunch, so don’t expect #LFCTRIAL judgment before 2pm.” via The Guardian

1:57 – Fans reaction to the court case unfolding in the forums.

1:50 – The board cancelled a meeting on Thursday with Mill Financial. This is the company that took over some of George Gillett’s debt. Interesting…

1:47 – Hicks and Gillett want to know why the board did not consider a bid from Mill Financial which would have paid off the club’s debt and put £100million towards new stadium. More twists in this saga.

12:43 – Sounds like Hicks is arguing the board did not consider a bid from Meriton properly before accepting New England Sports Ventures. This is heating up.

12:40 – H&G representative: Board did not properly consider alternatives to NESV, and so board have breached contract.

12:35 – We expect this case to go on for about another hour. Hicks and Gillett look like they’re clutching at straws now.

12:31 – The Mirror have some photographs from the high court this morning.

12:29 – @danroan on Twitter: H&G: accept sale inevitable but say board didn’t consider alternatives to NESV.

12:14 – Peter Lim, the Sinapore businessman, is announcing details of his bid for the club. However, LFC have already agreed the sale with NESV, which is legally binding. More from the courtroom soon…

12:09pm – The case has been running for about 40 minutes now. RBS argue that Hicks has broken clause C3 of their agreement and that they had no power in trying to change the board.