Henry – We are not looking to fulfill short-term needs

John W HenryLiverpool’s principal owner, John W. Henry, yesterday used his Twitter account to tell supporters “Speculation on players shouldn’t include those of a certain age. We are not going to be successful by merely filling short-term needs at LFC.”

Henry then went on to personally reply to various Tweets from supporters, telling one fan “everything in sports is overpriced now – especially the cost of winning. But you make your choices based on a plan.”

Liverpool have so far signed midfielder Jordan Henderson from Sunderland but have missed out on other targets – Phil Jones, who went to Man United, and Connor Whickham, who this week went to Sunderland.

Fenway Sports Group have spoke of their desire to buy young talent – therefore with a high re-sale value – and thus Henry moved to deny that the club are interested in signing some of the players they have recently been linked with in the media who do not clearly fit their vision and strategy.