Ferguson the hypocrite strikes again

Man United manager Alex Ferguson once again showed his hypocrisy in his post-match interview following this blatant dive by Ashley Young in their match against Aston Villa on Sunday.

Ferguson said “I think that it was a penalty kick there was no doubt about that” and blamed the defender for not reading the game better, before adding that “Ashley went down quite easily”

This is the same man who previously said “it’s difficult for the referee with Suarez diving all over the place”.

Young is getting used to diving for penalties – remember QPR last time out when he was offisde, dived, got the penalty and the visitors had Shaun Derry sent off. Low and behold, the FA upheld the dismissal and Young gets rewarded for his dishonesty. Some respect campaign the FA have there.

Here’s Ferguson’s view on diving before – from 2009;

“You have to remember five-year-olds are watching. Players in a Sunday team do it. It happens at five or six years old. We all have a responsibility on how it influences young people.

“It’s a very difficult area because I think in the last 15 years it has crept into the game and it is not acceptable.

“I think we have to combat this by educating the players and by getting them to understand the gravity of the offence and what it does for the wellbeing of the game.”

Of course, Ferguson is a serial hypocrite, especially when it comes to Luis Suarez. Back in February he told the world how Suarez was a “disgrace” for failing to shake Evra’s hand.

For a man of such high morals, it’s incredible that this is the same manager who kept players at his club following these incidents:

– a Man United player assaulting a supporter (Eric Cantona on a Crystal Palace fan)
– a Man United player assaulting a fellow player in revenge and ending his career (Roy Keane on Alf Inge Haaland)
– a Man United player missing a drugs test and receiving a 9 month ban (Rio Ferdinand)

Speaking of hypocrisy…

Disgrace you say?

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