Meet the Liverpool FC flag that’s been to all 7 European Cup finals

So what’s your name and where do you come from?

I’m Peter Malley I’m 60 yrs old and live in Ormskirk, but originally lived in Liverpool.

How long have you been a Liverpool fan?

My first visit to Anfield was 7th Nov 1959,  I was 8 yrs old and was in the paddock with my Dad watching Dave Hickson’s debut. A crowd of 49,981 saw us beat Aston Villa 2-1.
Which Liverpool flag are you responsible for then?

My flag is known as ‘The Family Flag’

How did the flag come about?

The flag came about when we had just qualified for our first European Cup Final. In those days I never missed a game home or away (in this country at least).

In Rome 1984                                                        In Brussels 1985

I decided that our visit to Rome required something very special. My wife Lyn and I discussed designs and settled on what you see.

How was the flag made ?

The various materials were bought and Lyn set to work. The flag was entirely hand stitched by Lyn as her sewing machine had died.

Lyn put many hours of work into the flags creation. Thanks Lyn!

Lyn had to alter the flag a further 6 times, although the last two were a joint effort with my younger son Nathan with lots of encouragement and support from my elder son Ben.

Athens 2007

So where has your flag been to with Liverpool?

The flag has appeared at all 7 European Cup Finals. The first five with me, and the last two with my son Nathan.

Are there any flags you have seen when watching Liverpool that have really caught your eye?

My Favourite Flags that I’ve seen.  are ‘Joey Ate The Frogs Legs’ and  ‘Liverpool have the Super Cup, Everton have Cup a Soup’.

All credit goes to my wife Lyn for the flag.

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