We’ll play the Liverpool Way – Rodgers

New Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers has described his philosophy and style of play in an interview with the official LFC website.

The Northern Irishman earned much praise for Swansea’s style of play last season, with the media dubbing them the ‘Welsh Barcelona’ but Rodgers insists he hasn’t come to Anfield to replicate Barcelona and that the way we will play will be The Liverpool Way.

“The way I want to play here is the Liverpool way”, he said. “The history and tradition of this club has been about offensive football, attacking football – but always with discipline.

“The game will be based around what Liverpool are about, which is control, dominating games with the ball, working very hard when you haven’t got the ball, keeping the game as simple as possible.

“Of course I’ll bring in a certain philosophy which I’m attached to, but the principles of your game are based around the players.”

Barcelona’s ‘tiki-taka’ style has been lauded across Europe in recent years and many aspects of it are clearly in Rodgers’ philosophy. With former Barcelona youth coach Rodolfo Borrell already on Merseyside, this philosophy is one that Rodgers will be looking to install throughout the club.

“I suppose the ‘Tiki-Taka’ football has come from Barcelona and that Spanish version,” Rodgers explained. “It probably came up with the players at Swansea, who referred to it a lot in our training and our work on having the ball and resting on the ball.

“But it doesn’t matter if it’s Tiki-Taka football or possession football – the supporters and all of us want winning football. That’s what the philosophy will be about.

“It will be about playing attractive, attacking football full of imagination. For me the best thing about the game other than scoring goals is having the football, and that’ll be the idea and the fundamentals we’ll work on – but they are playing ultimately to win.

“We’re in the business of winning and hopefully we can entertain along the way.”

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