Reina: I’m confident I’m not in Rodgers’ envelopes

In the fourth episode of ‘Being: Liverpool‘, aired last weekend in the US and this Friday in the UK, Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers is shown giving a pre-match team talk the night before the opening day game against West Brom in August.

Rodgers finishes by showing three envelopes, which he says contain the names of three people he predicts will “let us down this year”.

“My point to you as players, and staff, is make sure you’re not one of them” says Rodgers.

Goalkeeper Pepe Reina, who has suffered with his form at the start of this season, was asked about the envelopes on a phone-in show with Spanish radio station Radio Onda Cero.

“Did I ever think my name might be one of the names in the Rodgers’ envelopes? No. Personally, I’m not scared of that. I am motivated,” responded Reina.

Pepe was also asked about emerging compatriot Suso, and he responded with a comparison to another Spaniard still idolised on Merseyside.

“Suso’s page on Wikipedia was recently edited to say ‘Suso Alonso’. We all hope that he will be the new Xabi Alonso of Liverpool.”

The young midfielder then called-in himself, saying “It’s great to be compared to Alonso. It is an honour, though I personally try to play more like Xavi than Xabi.”

Reina was asked about the emerging talent in the squad.

“We are the youngest aged squad in the Premier League on average, reinforcing with a new vision. Liverpool is re-arming itself again.”

Pepe Reina

When asked about the Hillsborough families’ campaign for justice, Pepe spoke affectionately for the club and the campaign.

“It’s been a constant battle for the entirety of 23 years.

“We finally have the truth, but we still want justice for Hillsborough; and I say ‘We’ because this club and this cause has marked me.”

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