Liverpool fans back “flawed genius” Suarez

Liverpool fans have shown their support for controversial striker Luis Suarez in the aftermath of “bitegate”.

Luis Suarez

We asked fans in our forums, what they would do about the Uruguayan, with 86% saying to stick by him 100%. Only 1% said to “sell him to the highest bidder”.

In another question, 73% said they would always defend Suarez, with 27% saying they were tired of defending him in the wake of controversial incidents.

Our final question asked whether fans thought Suarez was damaging the club’s image around the World – with the vote currently split 50-50.

User ubermick explained his votes:

Voted do not sell / Will always defend him / Yes he’s tarnishing the club’s image because those were closest, but the reality is that I’m somewhere in between in the first two.

Think we should absolutely keep him, but if an utterly mental offer came in, and the club took it (by mental I’m talking a damn sight more than 30-40 million. Far as I’m concerned, Suarez is in the same category as Messi and Ronaldo, and should be priced accordingly, even taking his… issues into account) I would understand why. Problem there is that I don’t trust the club AT ALL to spend that money wisely, based on past performance. Better the devil we know as opposed to us bringing in another half dozen Borinis.

In terms of defending him, I still think he was stitched up something fierce by Evra, Fergie, and his pet media and the FA. But in this case, what he did was utterly inexcusable and certainly a sign of some mental issues. I still support him as a player, but am getting tired of seeing him in the headlines for the wrong reasons. But haven’t gotten to the point where I “will do so no longer”.

As to the club’s image being tarnished – of course it is, and can’t understand how people vote otherwise.

mafiaman20 wrote:

If we were to sell him on the basis of his behaviour it’d put the club in a very poor bargaining position. We’d get completely mugged on any potential transfer.

He won’t leave anyway, football is so fickle this will be forgotten about soon enough. There isn’t a club in the world who wouldn’t stick with Suarez. People need to get off their high-horse over this. Do you think Ferguson would get shot? Would he f***.

Maria explained:

I voted – do not sell because he is a genius, somewhat flawed genuis, a human being with frailties like the rest of us. He works tirelessly on the pitch and is a wonder to watch, he plays football with great passion as if this is his only outlet where he can truly be himself. I have never seen a player who plays like this in the EPL for a long time.

I voted that I will defend him for now because he has been so contrite and I really believe that he means it. I do believe he is a good person overall and he comes across as a very humble person and he never forgets his roots. I sometimes feel he is misunderstood and people are envious of his amazing talent and Luis was probably not mentored in the right way by LFC, so they have to share some responsibility in his behaviour.

Meanwhile, the Liverpool-Tees website have commissioned a special “Beware of the Suarez” t-shirt.

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