Media Fail: Fabio Borini Goal Celebration Explained

Research isn’t difficult thesedays, but that hasn’t stopped some moronic supporters of other teams and pathetic journalists / media organisations attempting to link Fabio Borini’s “knife between the teeth” celebration to Luis Suarez’s bite incident.


Speaking in July, the Italian forward explained:

“The celebration is something I did with my friends when I was in the youth team at Chelsea.”

“In Italy, we say when one person wants something so much it is like he has a knife between his teeth – like a warrior who never gives up.

“After that, I kept doing it. I did it the first time I scored at Swansea and everyone liked it. It was the same at Roma.”

Borini scored his first Premier League goal for Liverpool in 6-0 thrashing of Newcastle on Saturday.

Incredibly, The Sunday Mirror described the celebration as a “goalscoring salute to Luis Suarez”.

And Daily Mirror Chief Football Writer Martin Lipton wrote on his twitter that the celebration was “Pathetic and embarrassing”. It was then pointed out to him how wrong he was and he corrected himself on Sunday morning.

Just like when Suarez was accused of kissing his hand against Mansfield on purpose, when that too was his regular goalscoring celebration, once again the media are shown up for being lazy and agenda driven liars.

We look forward to seeing the celebration more.

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