How many Liverpool players will fit in your European Fantasy Team?


The majority of Liverpool fans, despite the departure of Luis Suarez, are hugely excited for the new season, specifically in joining the European elite once more, taking part in the Champions League for the first time since 2009. Considering that the club is to take its rightful place among football’s most hotly contested club competition, why not take the opportunity to pit your managerial wits using players from Brendan Rodgers recently revamped squad in European Fantasy Football? With Liverpool back where they belong, is a great way to keep the flag held high, to keep abreast of the players to face the Reds, and catch up with past players from seasons gone by!

With confidence flowing through my veins, and keeping focus on the Reds, I for one have concocted a ‘blast-from-the-past’ fantasy squad, peppered throughout with Liverpool players from the last five years, and am preparing to see just how far I can get!

With a £100m budget, and 14 squad places, I’ve searched high and low for players still around that once trotted out onto the Anfield pitch. To keep things exciting, not only has a selection-based mode (of which I have taken full advantage of), but also a ‘draft’ option, where you and your mini-league chums take turns in choosing players from the top five European leagues, ensuring no two managers have the same players (not that many of you will be making Charlie Adam your first pick)!

Only being allowed three current Liverpool players in the game, I’ve plumped for the irreplaceable Steven Gerrard, keeper Simon Mignolet and new signing Dejan Lovren. Joining the Croat at the back is Javier Mascherano (often played in the position for the Catalan giants), Real Madrid man Álvaro Arbeloa and the West Brom loanee Andre Wisdom. At only £1m, if he plays, he’ll be quite a bargain!

Stevie G rekindles part of his 2005 Champions League winning midfield partnership, popping up next to Xabi Alonso. One time powerhouse Mohamed Sissoko completes the trio.

A bizarre front three for my side, but with monetary constraints (and a lucky feeling), I’ve gone for the traitor himself, Fernando Torres, with Big Peter propped up next to him. Sitting in the number ten? Only Albert Riera!

With 20 free transfers up my sleeve for the season, I may be tempted into making a fair few changes, but you never know. That’s the beauty of European Fantasy Football, there’s no right answer, so why don’t you have a go and try your hand at a nostalgic fantasy XI on, see if you can top my offering!

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