Main Stand Development March 2014 (Liverpool FC)

Anfield’s new Main Stand – first time-lapse footage showing construction

Liverpool FC have released the first time-lapse footage of Anfield’s new Main Stand redevelopment.

Time-lapse: January to March 2015.

The footage shows work from the day construction began on January 8th.

Last week saw the first steel framework assembled behind the existing Main Stand and this will continue to be assembled quickly (see more here).

The steelwork is already up the height of the old Main Stand and fans arriving for the match against Manchester United on Sunday will see significant changes. The framework will be almost complete by the final home game of the season in May.

Once construction is complete the new capacity of Anfield will increase to around 54,000. Liverpool had initially said construction was scheduled to be completed in time for the 2016/17 season but have recently changed their wording to “finishing some time during the 2016/17 season”.

Despite this, the club say they are on schedule.

Main Stand construction: the story so far.

This is phase one of an overall project that will see Anfield’s capacity increase to 59,000 – once the second stage, the redevelopment of the Anfield Road End, is undertaken.

Main Stand Development March 2014

Steel structure assembled at Anfield, behind the existing Main Stand. Photo courtesy Liverpool FC.

A potential end-date for construction may be July 23rd, 2016, as explained here.

The current Main Stand will continue to be operational throughout the construction process.

Liverpool requested that their final game of this season be away from home and will do the same for the opening and final games of next season in order to allow more time for work to take place over the summer.