Classic British humour on show as James Milner & Andy Robertson debate an all-important topic

Two Liverpool players, one camera and a funny theme in mind? It has been a massive success on social media platforms over the past year or so and this one is no different.

The togetherness of the squad is often apparent in the videos and conversations put out by LFCTV, with an abundance of close friendships easily on view.

Some of those have come in quiz format, or facing off against each other in gameshow-style videos—and even with one player at a time facing the ‘Kop Kids’ in a truth test.

This time it’s something new and two very humourous members of the squad, James Milner and Andy Robertson, who get together to discuss one of the more important details of day-to-day life: which biscuits are best for dunking in and eating with tea.

Dry humour, technical analysis and no shortage of fury at whoever bought the biscuits—clearly not the brand names the duo are used to!—all make it a thoroughly enjoyable watch with plenty of laughs along the way.

A list of dunkable biccys are lined up for the pair, ranging from chocolate-covered to oaty and even a national icon from Robbo’s homeland.

They both start off by taking turns tasting the snacks—with somewhat cursory dips into drinks, it must be noted—but one of the two ends up being forced to taste-test the bulk.

Eventually, a top five is selected and the GOAT biscuit is decided—but they acknowledge there may be those who don’t agree with them, given they aren’t exactly regular consumers of the buttery, sugary treats.

No word yet of whether head of fitness, Andreas Kornmayer, and head of nutrition, Mona Nemmer, gave the go-ahead for the biscuit scoffing to ensue!