Anfield Road End, new render 2020

“Excellent news” – Liverpool fans are delighted as Reds unveil new Anfield Road expansion plans

Liverpool have confirmed plans to expand the Anfield Road end, with many Reds supporters left excited by the news.

The new plans were announced on Friday, in another hugely exciting step forward by the club.

Extending the Anfield Road end will take the stadium’s capacity to 61,000, with the proposal set to be submitted next spring.

This comes after the impressive new Main Stand was unveiled back in 2016, making Anfield an even more intimidating place to visit.

The hope is that adding to the Anfield Road end enhances the aura of Liverpool’s home ground further, as the Reds continue to excel both on and off the pitch.

These supporters have been reacting to the news on Twitter.

This is Anfield’s Matt Ladson:

“These plans are exciting and exactly what fans would have wanted. There’s no hospitality boxes, with most tickets being general admission.

“A 16,000-seater stand is going to look huge, and will transform the skyline as you approach the stadium – it will look similar to Newcastle’s St. James’ Park.

“Again, FSG are delivering on their promises, with logical and sensible decisions being made.”

“Excellent news a bigger Anfield stadium.”

Paul McCloskey Gwee on Facebook.

“Awesome that the club have pressed on with this. It would have been easy to let the planning permission in principle slide past and do nothing, but they’ve kept on it.”

rupzzz on the forums.


“Absolute no brainer, get it done.”

Robert Kirk on Facebook.

“Excellent news!”

sms1986 on the forums.


“This looks awesome!”

Paul Smith on Facebook.

“It’s still only a rough scheme, but in my opinion, the identity of the new stand should be stronger. For the time being, it looks a bit too much like ‘Main Stand mk 2’ for me. Hopefully the architects will be able to give the ARE an identity of it’s own as they go on developing the project.”

Hope in your heart on the forums.

“Looks great…they could fill in the corner between the main stand and the Anfield road stand to up the capacity again if they wanted.”

Sam Morrow on Facebook.

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