12 more Liverpool concept kits for Nike’s first season

We’ve known for a while that Liverpool’s kits will be produced by Nike going forward, but a midweek announcement gave us a key piece of information.

No longer will we be looking to see which other clubs share a kit design with us, as has been the habit with Nike over the past few seasons.

Instead, teams will have their own unique identity with designers picking from 65 base combinations and then adding their own take on what makes the club individual.

As a result, more fans and admirers have been putting their graphical talents to use coming up with ideas as to what we could be looking at for the new Liverpool kit—and one or two others go even further.


The home kit takes most focus, with one claim suggesting we’ll get an ‘Air Jordan’ design




There are debates over the exact hue of our red home kit, while a green colour scheme is increasingly popular on the change strip





And the inspiration from the past is clearly in evidence when looking at other possible away and third kits

While they are all only speculative concept kits at present, it does seem that the Nike logo will only be the swoosh for this year, rather than the company name printed, too.

The manufacturer’s midweek announcement featured the new USA kit with a mention that it would be the only international strip with the new variation of the logo, which does have ‘Nike’ written above their iconic symbol.