Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool), JUNE 1, 2019 - Football / Soccer : UEFA Champions League final match Tottenham Hotspur FC 0-2 Liverpool FC at Estadio Metropolitano in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by D.Nakashima/AFLO)

Premier League trophy lift is like waiting for a Christmas present! – Klopp

Jurgen Klopp says waiting to lift the Premier League trophy is like waiting to open a present at Christmas you’ve been looking forward to – and it’ll be an emotional occasion.

The boss was far from alone on the night the Reds were crowned champions, as he was overcome by emotion when conducting live interviews via an uplink as the squad celebrated.

Klopp is never one to reign in the way he’s feeling, whether that’s raging at a fourth official, urging the Anfield crowd to show support or revelling in a particularly joyous occasion like this one.

And that side of him is sure to show itself again on trophy night, an occasion an entire generation of Liverpool fans have missed out on.

“How could I know how influential it would be on myself before it happened?” he replied in his press conference, when asked about how he felt when the title was confirmed and how that will compare to tomorrow.

But while that moment was pure relief at crossing the line and still having an element of uncertainty, Wednesday night will be the opposite: something known and that has built in anticipation.

“Tomorrow is different, it’s a little bit like Christmas: if you already know you’re getting a specific present, before you have it there’s still some excitement! And we are very excited about that!

“I’ve never touched a Premier Lague trophy before for obvious reasons, that will be special.

“I’m delighted the boys have this moment because they deserve it more than anybody else, they work incredibly hard and deal with so many setbacks in the last few years.

“We won the title this season but prepared it the last two or three years so it was a really long run-up to this moment.

“It will be 100 per cent emotional again but how emotional? I don’t know, that’s how it is with emotions—you have to wait until you feel them.”

Liverpool supporters all around the world will undoubtedly be the same: they can’t wait for it to be ‘official’ with the trophy presentation, and to see this incredible squad celebrating with the domestic piece of silverware which had, for so long, evaded them.