“Right decision” to move CL final – Liverpool duo on concern for Ukraine

Russia’s act of war by invading Ukraine is a grim and heartbreaking reality to face, and Pep Lijnders offered a brief opinion that will be shared by millions.

The unhinged motives of one power-hungry man has plunged war on an innocent country and its civilians.

The world has shown its solidarity with Ukraine and sport will be one vessel that is used to portray the thoughts and feelings of millions, which is set to include the League Cup final.

The Wembley arch could possibly be lit up in yellow and blue, as reported by the Independent, or an alternative symbol of peace may be preferred.

And with Russia’s invasion on the minds of everyone, Lijnders, who was on media duty ahead of Sunday’s final, was asked about the situation and the change to the Champions League final venue.

“It is truly awful,” he said. “It is so serious and as a football coach in this moment sitting here in front of sport journalists, I don’t think it is the right time to speak about my opinion.

“It doesn’t feel appropriate, but what I can say is I am a father, a son, a brother, a husband. A human being.

“It’s hard with all these people there. I think it’s the same reaction all you guys have, it’s really frightening at the moment.

“If I have to give a reaction in a football way, of course, it is the right decision to move the Champions League final.”

His final word on the matter was emphatic, to say the least: “Each war is a true disappointment for humankind.”

And Jordan Henderson added his thoughts, saying: “It’s a scary situation, to be honest.

“I don’t think I’m smart enough to speak on that topic, but it’s frightening to think what could happen and what is happening.”