Bench antics, timewasting & funny celebrations – 4 things fans noticed from Newcastle drama

Liverpool’s win over Newcastle came in dramatic fashion, with Fabio Carvalho‘s 98th minute winner sparking wild scenes around Anfield, with bench antics, timewasting and some simply hilarious celebrations.

The Reds secured their first league win of the season with a 9-0 victory against Bournemouth on Saturday, but a late win like this one feels even sweeter, right?

After Newcastle did all they could to run down the clock, their blatant timewasting came back to bite when substitute Carvalho lashed in the winner with the last kick of the game.

Even before the winner, the away side’s conduct had led to tension between both benches, so when the Reds went ahead, it was no surprise to see things boil over slightly!

Here are four things fans noticed from another memorable night at Anfield.


Nunez loved every second of it!

Darwin Nunez was, of course, unable to feature in this game, as he served the final match of a three-game suspension following his sending off against Crystal Palace.

But that didn’t stop him from enjoying the fun behind the Liverpool substitutes bench!

When the two benches clashed after Carvalho’s winner, the Uruguayan could be seen hurling abuse at the Newcastle coaching staff.


Go’ ed, Darwin!


Pope’s timewasting karma

At times, it felt as if the ball was in Nick Pope’s hands or out of play a lot more often than it was actually was on the pitch.

When the Newcastle goalkeeper went down ‘injured’ in stoppage, it took 94 seconds for play to restart.

Fitting, then, that Carvalho’s winner came 94 seconds after the initial five minutes of injury time. Unlucky, Nick!


Joel Matip doing Joel Matip things

He really is the gift that keeps on giving, isn’t he?

In amongst the bedlam of the celebrations after the winner, Joel Matip could be seen celebrating on his knees in the Liverpool dugout.

What he was doing, we don’t know, but we absolutely love it.


Object thrown at Liverpool staff

No wonder the Liverpool bench enjoyed celebrating in front of Eddie Howe and his backroom team!

In the aftermath of the game, BT Sport captured footage that appeared to show a Newcastle staff member launching an object towards the Liverpool bench.

No place for that in the game, surely?

Not sure I can remember the last time a team was booed off like this at Anfield, but can they really have any complaints?