“Farcical situation” – Liverpool fans react to Klopp’s prickly transfer comments

Jurgen Klopp prickled when asked to elaborate on why Liverpool “could not solve all their problems” in the transfer market, comments that certainly got fans talking.

“We cannot sort the problems like other teams are doing, and I know it creates headlines, but we do it our way, we really squeeze everything out,” Klopp told reporters on Friday.

Liverpool have always worked under a model of sustainability under owners FSG, living within their means and spending what they earn.

But after the most successful period in the club’s recent history, a new kit deal and a growing Anfield, it begs the question of if there’s limited cash flow now, what does it mean for the future?

With transfers again the topic of discussion ahead of the trip to Brighton, Klopp was not entirely happy when pressed on Liverpool’s limitations to act in the window.

“I have to tell you the money story again, really?” Klopp said. “What could be the reason we have the money like crazy but we don’t buy the players even when they are available?

“Why do you ask a question when the answer lies on the table? I really don’t understand that.”

These comments in addition to the manager saying he does not foresee any further signings this month got fans talking…


As always, Klopp noted that “if somebody tells me ‘yes, there it is’ then we will do it” regarding finding the right player in the transfer window, and there is still time.

But that commodity is fast running out for Liverpool.