“I’ll always be a Red” – Jordan Henderson’s farewell message to Liverpool fans

Jordan Henderson has confirmed his departure from Liverpool, posting a farewell video to fans.

The timing of the Instagram video, before either club has confirmed the transfer, adds to the amateurish nature of the 33-year-old’s exit from Anfield.

Henderson reflects on his journey from the day he walked through the doors in 2011 and how being made captain was “one of the greatest honours of my life,” but he noted there were “really hard days” along the way too.

There is a “thank you” to Liverpool supporters for “allowing me to be a part of your club,” and for supporting through the good and bad all over the world and for the sacrifices made.

“It’s hard to put these last 12 years into words and it’s even harder to say goodbye,” he says. “I will always be a Red. Until the day I die.

“Thank you for everything. You’ll never walk alone. Jordan”

For the video, Henderson returned to the Anfield dressing room for the last time and took one last walk on the pitch, an “emotional” experience after 12 years at the club.

“I can’t lie, there have been hard times,” Henderson says. “Really hard times. But when I look back on my career with Liverpool it will always be the good times that I remember.

“And those good times, where do I start? Being made the captain of Liverpool Football Club was one of the greatest honours of my life.

“From the day that armband was passed to me, I did everything I could to behave like a Liverpool captain should.

“But the biggest honours at Liverpool weren’t individual, they were collective, all of us, all of you, together.”

After 12 years at Anfield and eight as captain of the club, Henderson has now swapped Jurgen Klopp‘s Liverpool for Steven Gerrard‘s Al Ettifaq.

The £12 million move is the end of yet another era and what should have been a send off similar to that of Roberto Firmino‘s, has instead been handled miserably.

Henderson was spotted training with his new club on Wednesday afternoon before the move was made official.