Mohamed Salah’s ridiculous time for 7km run shows he really is a machine

We know how quick Mohamed Salah is over short distances but he has the endurance to match too, as his time over 7 kilometres shows.

Wouldn’t it be incredible to be as fit as Liverpool’s No. 11?

It would require plenty of discipline and commitment, Salah is as dedicated as it comes in the fitness department but his efforts pay off with his availability.

The Egyptian can leave the opposition in his wake such is his pace on the wing, but he has the stamina to keep the fight going sprint after sprint.

During his summer holiday, Salah was never too far away from a gym and he shared one of his running sessions before his return to the club.

With photo evidence, Salah ran 7.1 kilometres in 29 minutes and 46 seconds. That makes for a pace of three minutes and fifty-five seconds per kilometre.

Some of us only dream of running that far (myself included) let alone in that time.

To put it into some perspective, the men’s indoor world record for five kilometres is 12:35.36, and the record for 10km is 26:11.00.

So while there will be others that can run the same distance in a shorter period of time – unbelievable, I know – it is a ridiculous pace nevertheless from Salah.

It is no wonder that Jurgen Klopp has readily described his winger as a “machine,” he truly presents as one.

Last summer, Klopp said of Salah: “Fitness-wise, he’s a machine – in the most incredible shape. He works hard on it and he gets his rewards.

“His ability and his skill level gets higher each season.”

Another level from Salah in 2023/24? Yes, please!