Liverpool fans all say the same thing after “bonkers” VAR audio released

The audio recording of what transpired at Tottenham was released on Tuesday, and fans all had the same thought after listening in on a panicked and messy conversation.

Liverpool requested to hear the audio from the events that led to Luis Diaz‘s goal failing to be awarded, and it was made public on Tuesday evening.

It was messy and clearly showcased the lack of communication structures in place to ensure the right message is conveyed between all officials.

That it was a replay operator, and not the VAR referees, who spotted the error first spoke volumes of the mess, with swear words following and a repetition of “can’t do anything.”

The PGMOL released a statement to say they have plans for “enhancing VAR performance” in the future, and they certainly have a lot of work to do, as fans pointed out after hearing the audio for the first time…


It is clear what needs to improve, drastically…

“The pally informal language is appalling. Imagine if that was used between the pilot, copilot and Air Traffic Control! It needs to be far more formal and there should be checklists for each type of incident the VAR needs to review. Those involved should hang their heads in shame.”

RayProudfoot in TIA comments.


Well done boys, [not] so good process…