Liverpool fans all say same thing after Everton docked 10 points – Man City next?

With Everton docked 10 points for a single breach of FFP, dropping to 19th in the Premier League, Liverpool fans were left to ask: what about Man City?

Friday brought the end of a lengthy investigation into Everton‘s spending, with their accounts confirming losses exceeding limits imposed by the Premier League.

Following a disciplinary hearing, an independent commission ruled that the Merseyside club should be docked 10 points, effectively immediately.

Everton have dropped from 14th in the league to 19th, level on points with bottom-placed Burnley, leaving Sean Dyche’s side in a tough position.

It is a significant sanction from the Premier League, and comes with 115 charges looming over Man City and an investigation ongoing into Chelsea‘s spending under Roman Abramovich.

That was the feeling among Liverpool fans as they reacted to the news on social media.

“Joke of a decision and the punishment is wholly disproportionate to the crime here.

“Seems honesty is not the best policy as the one team who has been straight and honest with missing the target gets crucified and everyone else does what they want as long as they deny it.

“Ours is a friendly rivalry and as much as I find amusement in their annual relegation struggles this is not the way I want to see them go down.

“Hope they stay up regardless and then pressure the FA to make them actually get on with pursuing the other cases.”

Daniel Moss on Facebook.

“Man Citeh have got to be worried – Everton, 10 pts deduction for 1 breach – it’s already been proved that Citeh breached 115 regulations (just their delaying tactics stopped UEFA from being able to legally punish them).

“The Premier League don’t have that restriction – 115 breaches x 10 points each = 1,150 point deduction – that should be more than enough to demote them to the Northern Premier League (or lower).

“So, Premier League do the right thing and demote Citeh and take all their ill gotten gains away from them.”

Paul Brown on Facebook.

“City are the FA’s darlings, they see them as England’s great hope in Europe, thus City get away with whatever they want. Shocking.”

Glen Aitken on Facebook.

While Everton‘s punishment may be justified given their irresponsible spending, which included the construction of their new stadium on Bramley Moore Dock, its severity does set a precedent.

Furthermore, with Man City‘s charges raised before theirs, the question must be asked of when a conclusion will be reached over their financial breaches.

Unfortunately, while Man City have employed high-paid lawyers to dispute their 115 charges – as they continue to claim record-breaking revenue – Everton‘s sanction came after they cooperated with the Premier League.