LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Sunday, December 17, 2023: Liverpool's manager Jürgen Klopp applauds the supporters after the FA Premier League match between Liverpool FC and Manchester United FC at Anfield. The game ended in a goal-less draw. (Photo by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Fans tell Jurgen Klopp the problem with his “give ticket to someone else” advice

Jurgen Klopp had an altercation with fans who sit in the Lower Main Stand behind the dugouts at Anfield in the first half against West Ham, and his words post-match have prompted plenty of debate among matchgoing Reds.

The debate around Anfield’s atmosphere is long-running, and recently in the spotlight after Gary Neville’s comments during the 0-0 draw with Man United.

But Klopp’s advice, to “give your ticket to somebody else” if they aren’t prepared to contribute positively to the atmosphere, has a certain dose of irony, with the method for passing your ticket to another supporter not exactly straightforward.

Indeed, some fans have outlined the many, varied reasons for what they believe are part of the issue with Anfield’s atmosphere, from an increased number of hospitality tickets, to the complicated and frustrating ticket system.

For a supporter to ‘give their ticket to somebody else’ they would need that somebody to be on their ‘friends and family’ list, and even then it has issues when sending tickets.

As one supporter wrote on X: “Literally spent all day trying and failing to transfer a ticket Jurgen.”

Another highlighted how: “My brother has just turned 65 [so] now can’t transfer to someone below 65 as his ticket is a discounted price (anyone know if this is true?) he couldn’t go last night so his seat was empty…”

Liverpool, like most clubs, now use NFC technology for tickets, which comes with its own set of challenges with fans, with plenty highlighting issues that take an age to rectify, with some claiming two-hour calls with LFC Help.

Others highlighted how, in selling Liverpool’s famous atmosphere to tourists, Liverpool FC have diluted their own atmosphere to a point where it no longer exists the way they market it.

While the actual debate around the atmosphere will run forever, Klopp’s understanding of the issues matchgoing supporters actually face in getting a ticket, and how convoluted process of passing a ticket to a friend is, is one he perhaps needs explaining.


What fans have said

“Too many stale, tourists and corporate fans at Anfield now…need to make it easier to get tickets instead of these membership card holders with all the credits holding all the cards.”

– Colin Wright on Facebook

“I went to my first ever Liverpool match at the weekend really excited to experience the Anfield atmosphere and he is right, other than the first 5 minutes and the last 5 it was like a graveyard, the Man U fans were louder.”

– Vicky Salter on Facebook

“I think he could maybe have a word with the top brass at the club regarding where tickets go…… the amount of football “tourists” at the ground now seems colossal to me. More interested in takin videos and selfies than actually supporting the team! Which is fine……before and after. During the 100+ minutes you sing and scream yourself hoarse, regardless of the opposition.”

– ‘Vamos’ in the comments

“He needs to have a word with the owners because their model is based on attracting tourists who spend lots of money in the club shop.

They don’t really like the so called “legacy fans” because we just want to go to turn up to the game 20 minutes before kick off and then go home after without spending an extra £200 in the club shop.”

– Steve Harper in the comments


What Klopp said in full

“I thought in the first half a little bit, when the boys played really exceptional, I was not overly happy, I have to say, with the atmosphere behind me,” he said.

“I asked people, ‘what do you want?’. We changed a lot of things, we dominated West Ham like crazy, we missed chances.

“If I would have been in the stands, I would be on my toes – 1,000 percent. I don’t know if the Man United game was that bad that we have to say, ‘oh, sorry we didn’t smash them’.

“We need Anfield on Saturday. Without Anfield I would say, they didn’t play this week, they prepare for this game and they will be prepared.

“We need Anfield on their toes from the first second, without me having an argument with the opposition coach or whatever. We need you from the first second.

“If you really want, if it’s too much football in December, I don’t know, sorry, we have to play as well, but if you are not in the right shape, give your ticket to somebody else.”