Liverpool “can’t waste a 5v2 and get away with it” – got what they “deserved”

Old Trafford and Liverpool isn’t a combination that gives Reds a warm, bubbly feeling, it’s quite the opposite, and the FA Cup tie compounded the dread after a dismal 4-3 loss in extra time.

Liverpool were the architects of their own downfall, more times than they would like to admit.

After clawing their way back into the lead, they allowed Man United to take the game to extra time and then threw away another lead to see their hopes of winning all competitions come to an end.

It was deserved, they will know it. Game management went out of the window and they invited United back into it time and time again.

It hurts, especially when Liverpool had complete control in the second half and had opportunities to put the final nail in the coffin, like that five-on-two led by Cody Gakpo in the second half…

It’ll haunt a few people in their sleep…


In the end, Reds only have themselves to blame…

This one is a tough pill to swallow, it should never have come to it. United were floundering and more than there for the taking, but there was no ruthlessness when it was needed.

We have to come back to Old Trafford in three weeks time, let’s hope Klopp’s men have learned their lesson by then!