Emotional meeting between Jurgen Klopp & Liverpool fan Seán Cox tugs at the heartstrings

An emotional moment shared by injured Liverpool fan Seán Cox and Jurgen Klopp has touched supporters everywhere, as the pair met at Anfield on Sunday.

In 2018, Cox was indiscriminately attacked by Roma thugs outside Anfield before Liverpool’s Champions League semi-final first leg.

As a result, he and his family’s lives changed, with the father of three suffering severe brain injuries that left him unable to speak or walk.

As he continues his recovery, he visited Anfield for the Liverpool vs. Brighton match, after which he was reunited with Klopp, who was delighted to see the supporter.

Cox was visibly pleased to see the German and even managed to stand up to embrace Klopp before the pair shared a few close, private words.

From such a devastating incident six years ago, it was heartwarming to see Cox and his family happy in their lives that were changed so drastically overnight.

Klopp and Liverpool have been supporters of the family since the attack, as friend of the Cox family Stephen Felle explained.

He told the Irish Independent: “They had to do mechanical work on one of the chairs just outside the director’s box so it can be taken out to allow Seán’s wheelchair to wheel out.

“They’ve left the removable chair there since. Peter Moore was chief executive when Seán was attacked and he was great for us in terms of the initial fundraising we did.”

Back in April 2023, RTE caught up with the Irishman as he was learning to walk again.

Spouse Martina Cox spoke about seeing him learning to walk, saying: “It was really, really emotional to see him. Even the look on his own face was like, you know.

“We don’t know what’s going to come out of this but, psychologically, it’s really good for him.”

Liverpool supporters have played a big part in raising the money to support Mr Cox’s rehabilitation with nearly €2 million being raised on the Support Seán Cox GoFundMe page.

This money has gone towards therapy as well as making alterations to their home to allow him to recover and live more easily.

Supporters were touched by the scenes in the Anfield tunnel on Sunday, with many sending their best wishes to Cox and his family…