Jamie Carragher details Liverpool’s “pivotal” attacking issue – but “still time to fix it”

Liverpool failed to score for the second game running at Anfield, but it was not for the lack of chances. Their shot conversion has nose-dived and they don’t have long to right the ship.

After a run of 24 games with a goal, Jurgen Klopp‘s side have gone two in a row without as one excruciating chance after another fails to be converted.

Against Palace, Liverpool had an expected goals (xG) figure of 2.81 and created four big chances, but they failed to score across 97 minutes of action.

With chances passing them by at one end and the defence leaking goals at the other, Sunday’s defeat leaves the title in Man City‘s hands with six games remaining.

The underdog tag is not unfamiliar to Klopp and Co. but Jamie Carragher, during Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football, all but spelt out they will quickly be left behind if they don’t address their shot conversion percentage.

“It has to change,” Carragher said. “I think Liverpool’s xG in this run (the last six league games) is something around nine and they have scored two, which is not great.”

In their last six league games, Liverpool have scored nine goals from a total of 149 shots, a conversion rate of six percent (pictured above), which across the season would be the worst in the division.

“For it to just finish and [drop] like that right now at the most pivotal of times is a huge problem for them,” Carragher added.

“There is still time to fix that and get it back, but I think the nature of the players, it will always be a little bit like that in terms of the numbers we are looking at because of the way they finish and the type of players that they are.

“But, that has to change very quickly if Liverpool are to get back in the title race.”

Carragher goes on to drill down into Liverpool’s attacking profile, labelling them “chaotic” in comparison to the “controlled” nature seen by City.

“How often they find themselves in positions where someone is running through on goal and it’s so frantic, it’s never controlled and slow,” Carragher assessed.

“They are one of the best counter-attacking teams that we will see, how often do you see four or five Liverpool players converging on two players?

“I think if Man City are in this situation (5v2), because they have a different type of player who is just a bit more composed, takes that extra pass, there is more quality.

“When you go back to Liverpool’s attacking players, Nunez, Diaz, Salah and even Jota, everything is fast, dynamic – it’s a bit scruffy, still scores lots of goals but [sometimes missing] extra care.”

It is undoubtedly an area Klopp needs to address. Thankfully, Liverpool are at least creating chances, but that clinical and ruthless finish needs summoning – and quick!