Luis Diaz Liverpool song finally takes hold after lyrics are simplified!

The Luis Diaz song has been around for almost a year, but it has certainly taken its time to get from the pubs around Anfield to the crowd inside the stadium.

Created by local singer Andy Hodgson and regularly aired at the popular pre-match bar of Taggy’s, the Luis Diaz song was getting stuck in the heads of Liverpool fans last May.

For some reason, it hasn’t got going on the terraces, though, until now.

Finally, against Man United at Old Trafford on Sunday and last week against Sheffield United, it began being aired by the masses.

Perhaps the reason it’s now getting sung en-masse is because the lyrics have been massively simplified!

Luis Diaz Song Lyrics

Here’s what’s being sung:

He’s Luis Diaz
He’s from Barrancas
And he plays for Liverpool
Na na na na na

And here’s the original, longer version that has been sung by Andy Hodgson for the past year:

His name is Lucho
He came from Porto
He came to score
Came to score
Came to score, score, score
He’s Luis Diaz
He’s from Barrancas
Now he plays for Liverpool
Na na na na na

It’s sung to the tune of the Italian protest song ‘Bella Ciao’, and inspired by Celtic fans’ adaptation last season.

We’re glad to see it finally enter the Liverpool songbook!