There’s a new song for Luis Diaz – “His name is Lucho!”

There’s a new song for Luis Diaz, and it’s an absolute belter.

Put together by local singer Andy Hodgson, it was aired at the well-loved Taggy’s bar ahead of the Brentford game on Saturday, receiving a resounding response.

It pays homage to the Reds’ No. 23, mentioning his hometown of Barrancas and his arrival from Porto last January.

Sung to the tune of the Italian protest song ‘Bella Ciao’, and inspired by Celtic fans‘ recent adaptation, it’s certainly one that is going to enter the Liverpool song book.

Here’s the lyrics:

His name is Lucho
He came from Porto
He came to score
Came to score
Came to score, score, score
He’s Luis Diaz
He’s from Barrancas
Now he plays for Liverpool
Na na na na na

We’re sure it won’t be long until this is being aired on the Kop, but with just one home game left this season – against Aston Villa on May 20 – it might be a song that becomes synonymous with next season.

Last season we had the Jota “He wears the Number 20” song and “Jurgen said to me ya know” as the new soundtracks of the Reds’ campaign.

Good luck getting this one out of your head after listening!