I joined 11,000 Liverpool fans for Jurgen Klopp’s farewell party – tears, laughs & songs!

There rarely is ever a right time or way to say goodbye, but Jurgen Klopp‘s farewell event offered a final dose of what we have cherished for nearly nine years, and I’m so glad I didn’t miss it.

I think I have been living in denial for quite some time regarding Jurgen’s exit, this coming from someone who thought his announcement video was for a contract extension, not his departure!

In the months since he dropped that bombshell, you tell yourself to soak up every little moment, one day you will be telling stories of this man and the memories he imparted in your life.

The last time I caught a glimpse of Klopp in person was while he was on the touchline in that godawful defeat to Atalanta, so safe to say Tuesday night was very much appreciated.

With a dose of music, comedy, tears and chants, this was an evening that epitomised what Klopp means to us all, but also how special Liverpool Football Club is.

“I really don’t think there is another city in the world who would do something like this, it is not possible,” Klopp said at the end of the night.

“What I really loved about it, it’s a bit strange when it is about me, but what I really love is that in difficult times, we took our time again to celebrate tonight three things.

“Music, football and life!”


Jurgen was everything he’s always been

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Monday, May 27, 2024:Jurgen Klopp during 'An Evening with Jürgen Klopp' an event at the Liverpool Arena celebrating Klopp's nine years as manager of Liverpool Football Club. (Photo by Ryan Brown/Propaganda)

The M&S Bank Arena played host to the event and there was Klopp’s face everywhere you looked, on jumpers, t-shirts, flags – everything.

I was not quite sure exactly what to expect from the farewell, but it was cathartic in a way, one last moment shared between manager and fans – we’re still official until the calendar turns over to June 1!

Conversations from fans of ‘I’d marry that man’ to reflecting on all he has given to us greeted me upon arriving at the venue, everyone ready to celebrate one man.

We had videos from current players talking about the boss, a parade of the trophies he won across the stage – held by club legends – and montages of all the moments we will treasure forever.

John Bishop and Peter McDowall were the ones who sat down with the manager for his Q&A, and as you would expect Klopp was everything he has always been.

Honest, thoughtful, emotional, funny – the lot.

For some reason, the first thing I recall from that last point was when Klopp was discussing the team talk prior to Barcelona’s visit, and he mentioned Divock Origi.

He recalled that when we were facing Borussia Dortmund in the Europa League and we were down 2-0 at half-time, he told the team a comeback would be something to tell your grandchildren about.

Origi then reminded him of this against Barcelona, and he laughed and recalled the fact that the striker “didn’t even have a girlfriend” and he was the one giving him the reminder.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Monday, May 27, 2024:Jurgen Klopp during 'An Evening with Jürgen Klopp' an event at the Liverpool Arena celebrating Klopp's nine years as manager of Liverpool Football Club. (Photo by Ryan Brown/Propaganda)

It was little moments like that which created an atmosphere that felt as though you were joining a private conversation, it’s one of Jurgen’s greatest skills.

You could say few topics were off limits, but then he listed off the ones he was told to steer clear of – much to his confusion – including TNT Sports and the 12.30pm starts, VAR and Man City.

I would not have objected to hearing his thoughts on those matters!

There were sporadic moments of chanting his name and singing his song as he answered questions, but everyone was captivated by Klopp, eagerly listening to every last word knowing that opportunities to do so again will not be as frequent.


The emotion takes hold

The moment that will stick with me, though, and I’m sure everyone else in attendance was when Klopp was overwhelmed with emotion after a montage of his greatest moments transitioned into the whole arena singing his song.

It went on for minutes and you could sense him taking it all in, he was living in that moment and nowhere else, and the emotion took hold.

If it went on any longer, my tears would have joined the party!

It was intimate and spoke volumes of the relationship that has developed since 2015 – he knows he will always have a place to call home in Liverpool.

Klopp has an aura about him, always has and always will, and I feel privileged to have been there for his final farewell event, seeing his final two sets of fist pumps and hearing him sing his own song.

I was 20 when he arrived, and now I am getting ever closer to 30. His team offered an escape from some of the hardest moments in my life, and on the flip side, made the greatest job in the world that much greater.

So thank you, Jurgen. Not just for Tuesday night, but the more than 3,000 days that came before it. You delivered what you said, and I’m so glad you are a Red.