Police ignored evidence of doctor who treated Hillsborough victims


The following is a letter sent by Dr Ed Walker, to The Independent newspaper in December 1996, shortly after Jimmy McGovern’s dramatisation was shown on ITV.

“I was one of the first doctors in attendance at the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield that afternoon. As a consequence of the recent TV drama, I was put in touch with the Hillsborough Families Support Group. Again as a consequence of this, I learnt that I had been described as an “unidentified doctor” at the inquest. This is the first time I knew I had been referred to. While I was indeed there in a voluntary capacity, I was well known at the hospital, and was invited back on the day the Prince and Princess of Wales visited. It would hardly have been beyond anyone with an ounce of sense, or half an ounce of integrity, to track me down. I was also attempting to resuscitate victims after 4pm, and one boy who did survive, despite requiring short-term ventilation on a “life- support machine” was treated by me well after 3.15pm.”

“I have always thought that the puzzling decision not to hear evidence of anything that happened after 3.15pm was made with the intention of protecting people like me, who were doing all they could in overwhelming, impossible circumstances. It now seems that there may be a rather less altruistic reason, involving errors of judgement at the ground.”

“Unfortunately, nearly eight years on, it is unlikely that I would be able to offer anything useful to a new inquest or inquiry, particularly as I never made any contemporaneous notes, something I regret and something I should have been encouraged to do. But even if a new inquest is not a practical option, I feel that the conclusions of the original inquest have been effectively discredited.”

Dr Ed Walker

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  • http://www.facebook.com/sharkio.fisher Sharkio Fisher

    This has been one of the biggest cover ups in british history, by Governments and most of the Authorities, Ie police, councillors, and not forgetting the gutter press too, But with the lies that have been told by the Scumbags, of the SYP whom supposed too serve Queen and Country ? Still there as not been a Speech From the Head of the Country, about how these dispicable people, should all face the Justice of the Courts, for these blatant, and distasteful, LIES about all LFC supporters and the City of Liverpool and there people. The truth his, more people died on that day than needed too, and the familys and friends of the 96 (may they RIP) and we the people of Liverpool deserve more than appologies, Its took 23years for this too come out, Now its time for these low lives, to answer for their inapropriate behaviour and LIES. JFT96.

    • josek

      And let’s not forget our good old friends the FA in all of this. What other cover-ups & discrimination against this club have they been involved in I wonder?????? Patricia Evra anyone