Liverpool produced one of the most incredible first-half performances Anfield has witnessed in years to destroy Premier League leaders Arsenal.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Saturday, February 8, 2014: Arsenal's goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny looks dejected as Liverpool score the fourth goal against Arsenal during the Premiership match at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Liverpool 5-1 Arsenal

Premier League / Anfield / Saturday, 8th February 2014

Goals: Skrtel (1, 10), Sterling (16, 52), Sturridge (20)

“Poetry in motion, tra la la la la” sang The Kop, and they weren’t wrong. This was football poetry – except nobody would have been brave enough to have written it.

Liverpool were simply sensational and blew the Premier League leaders away inside the first 20 minutes.

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The Reds took the lead after just 50 seconds, Martin Skrtel getting a touch on Steven Gerrard‘s beautiful free-kick.

It was the same combination after 10 minutes, Gerrard’s corner headed home by the Slovakian for 2-0.

Six minutes later, Raheem Sterling tapped in Luis Suarez‘s excellent ball across the face of goal.

On 20 minutes, Daniel Sturridge finished well from Philippe Coutinho‘s pass.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Saturday, February 8, 2014: Liverpool's Daniel Sturridge celebrates scoring the fourth goal against Arsenal during the Premiership match at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)
Sturridge celebrates making if four after just 20 minutes. Pic: David Rawcliffe/Propaganda

In between times, Suarez had hit the post with an absolutely thunderous strike from 25 yards, volleyed on the turn. It would have been a goal of the season contender.

And another wonderful moving that saw Coutinho, Suarez and Sturridge combine with one-touch passes ended with Sturridge’s chipped shot just going wide.

Brendan Rodgers‘ side pressed Arsenal and attacked them with blistering speed, creating chance after chance.

The second half saw Sterling add his second and Liverpool’s fifth, following up his own rebound.

The only blot on the copybook arrived when Steven Gerrard gave away a penalty which Mikel Arteta finished.

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After hammering Everton 4-0 in their last home game, Liverpool dropped points at West Brom. They need to ensure they capitalise on today’s victory with three points at Fulham on Wednesday.

Liverpool: Mignolet, Flanagan, Skrtel, Toure, Cissokho, Gerrard (Ibe 76), Henderson, Coutinho, Sterling, Suarez (Aspas 86), Sturridge (Allen 66).
Subs not used: Jones, Kelly, Moses, Alberto.

Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal (Gibbs 61), Wilshere, Arteta, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Cazorla, Ozil (Rosicky 61), Giroud (Podolski 61).
Subs not used: Fabianski, Jenkinson, Gnabry, Bendtner.

Referee: Michael Oliver
Attendance: 44,701



  1. Lets here more about how we cant beat arsenal and that the teams in shambles.

    We out played arsenal in every part of the pitch. Coutinho is a monster in mid and sterling is so dangerous. Even Cissokho had a decent game. Destroyed them. YNWA In BR and FSG we believe!

    • you may believe in fsg i will never
      unless they show ambition ,something they clearly lacked in the last transfer window

      • FSG don’t sign or pick the players that should be signed. You only focus on the negatives, but somehow always overlook the positive things they’ve done. Personally, even if they brought in every single player you wanted, you’d still be pissed at something.

      • Purchased the club for 300mil

        Within 9 months spent another 120mil on player transfers.
        Yup no ambition.

        They have backed Rodgers with another 110mil on players with another 90mil clearly earmarked as official offers were made for players.

        Definitely no ambition.


        Just admit to yourself you were secretly hoping that FSG would just go out and buy up all the best players in the world like the plastics have done, you will sleep soooo much better at night.

        • yes they bought the club so what do you think when they sell they will lose money ,give your head a shake ,they are here for the money and when the time comes they will cash in ,and they will not care who they sell to as long as they get there money

          • Are you only saying this because they’re Americans and apparently don’t know anything about football or do you have inside knowledge that has been their plan all along?

          • I know you can’t wait to be proved correct. So you can gloat at tell us all, how you knew this would happen. Ok, well let’s wait and see

          • Well what businessmen don’t make money? Would you sell something for a loss? (Which you put in so much money you obviously would want a return) but Are you stupid? You obviously know nothing about it, just blabbing rubbish as per usual.

  2. After the recent dip in form – by the high standard he set himself last season, Coutinho was unreal today.

    • He dropped a little deeper to pick the ball up and it helped his play moving forward players were slower to close him down. Did he lose a tackle all game???

    • He domiated wilshere to the point of pissing him off, he was excellent, especially the run on 66 and pass to hendo, who missdd

      • If only Hendo, Coutinho and Sterling converted 60% of the chances they’ve had this season, LFC would have been top on the log. Anyway, the future looks bright and promising!

    • Every one was. Sterling and his hanger! Well done to everyone!!! Great result. DON’T disappoint against Fulham though.

    • I just love his quick feet and am amazed at the way he dances with the ball. Some of his moves were jaw dropping

      • From hearing him talk a few months ago, he’s dying to play in home WC. Today should give him the confidence to produce even more in the games ahead.

  3. Coutinho’s back! His passes for Sturridge’s goal, & Hendersons missed lob were world class. Fulham next, let’s go.

  4. what a fantastic performance by liverpool! the first 20 min were irresistible to watch. sterling and coutinho were outstanding today.

  5. Arsenal supporter here.

    Just wanted to say well played to you lot. Liverpool were fantastic today and we were lucky to get away with only a four goal defeat.

    I was a Rodgers sceptic but he’s really getting something going.

    Anyway, good luck for the rest of the season (but I hope we get our mojo back for next week and dump you out of the Cup :) )

    • Appreciate your sincerity! It had to be done. What was taken away from us, it was claimed back. Yes the three points I am talking about. :) But don’t worry. We will do the same to City and Chelsea. So just keep going and you can be back at the top and you make sure you beat ManU on Wednesday!!!

      • Thats an odd change of opinion Juraj a week ago u said we werent finishing top 4 now were gonna beat Chelsea and city… a** clown

        • Yes I did say that. That was anger created by the transfer window and the sluggish draw against WB. If we play the same way against Fulham and get a point I will not be happy again. They took my confidence away and they need to restore it. They did well. Let’s hope they keep it that way. I want them to be on the top and that is where we should have been right now if there were no this sluggish performances. Well. Let’s see what happens.

  6. That first 20 mins was like watching Mike Tyson in his prime, he’s looking to land the knock out blow within the first round. It could’ve and should’ve been 6 or 7, but that was a brilliant performance all round (including Cissoko), not even going to fault Stevie for giving away the penalty. Had Hendo scored that chip after the play by Coutinho, that would’ve been a serious contender for goal of the season. Liverpool 5 and suarez’s name is not on the score sheet. Brilliant!! Arsenal got done today by the SSS!!

      • Still can’t finish but mate, he should have had a hat trick with two clear opportunities to beat the keeper…it will come with time as he gains experience. Was close to MOTM with Skertel for me.

        • We should remember he was brought for big money at 14.
          Everyone rated him it would be bad for our academy if we didn’t turn him into the player everyone expected him to become.

        • After the comparison to januzai on this site I think it’s more interesting to think back to Walcott when he first came on the scene (granted he was little younger). I might be wrong but I reckon sterling has developed into a better player than theo had at that age. At 18/19 years old theo was getting 2 or 3 goals in 20 odd appearances. Last season was first time theo scored more than 9 in league – age 23. If sterling can keep progressing at this rate, we have one hell of a player. The fact that some people are unsure of what position he played today is a big compliment. His pressing, strength and willingness to track back is improving all the time. Keep it up Raheem! YNWA

  7. Great game to watch, coutinho was at his best even when he not at his best he still makes a difference. And cissokho has a good game too he is getting better. :-)

    • Part of the reason Cissokho had a good game is because Sterling switched flanks and he defends deep and this helped Cissokho as it gives him cover.

      Sturridge, Suarez & Coutinho don’t defend deep when playing on that flank and they don’t track back & tackle like Sterling does.

      Watch a replay of the game and pay attention to Sterlings positioning.

    & Mertesacker – best defensive pair in PL.. B i t c h please !!! This is

  9. Love when cissoko got in wonky jacks face after the sterling foul probably his best game in red.

      • I read somewhere someone said, “chamberlain would have a field day against Cissoko”, he surely put that to bed. If anything, he played bettern than his fellow country man Sagna.

    • aye cissokho was very good today. by far his best game – could have even scored at the end. both cissokho and sterling shot at goal when they could have passed to aspas – he could have had 2 goals in 5 minutes!

  10. That was a disgusting performance. Can’t even defend a lead and two points dropped FFS!!!

  11. my only 2 disappointments were the penalty gave away by the captain and the fact that suarez was,nt a happy camper it was very obvious after the game when he was going towards the tunnel

    • Hes a competitor hes never happy if he doesnt score… but be sure hes happy with the result and will be very happy in CL next year.

  12. Brilliant, simply brilliant. It does not get much better than that. Can’t say anything but good things about the entire side. The initial pressure was fantastic. The Gunners were on their heels the entire first half.

  13. i owe an apology to gerrard and daniel sturridge!

    what i saw in 18 mins , i have never seen before

    • You claimed not long ago Rodgers must regret not taking spurs job ? See how clearly you can think when your off the grog. Welcome back Josek.

      • Yes Sash said in the context of the continueing failure of the club to back him properly in a number of windows now. Brendan wanted 3 quality signings in January & the club failed to achieve that. If we had strengthened properly who knows what could have been achieved.
        Brendan is a very ambitious manager himself. We need to be doing everything in our power to meet his ambitions, otherwise Barcelona or Madrid will.

  14. Signolet
    Slanagan Skrtel Souré Sissokho
    Serrard Soutinho Senderson
    Suárez Sturridge Sterling

    Too many S’s??? I have no idea what you are talking about!

    Suffering Succotash!!!

  15. Unreal. It would have got even more unreal if Suarez scored that belter. What a goal that would have been. I wish that went in so I could see how the net would have bustled. Brilliant game.

    • Or if Toure tapped in the rebound off the post.

      But once again the Ivorians pass went astray.

      Lucky it didn’t cost us this game.

  16. 1) Glad to see Brendan finally woke up to our lopsided team balance and performance by switching Sterling to the left.

    He plays deep enough and gives cover to Cissokho ( which improved Cissokho’s game today) and has the speed to get forward and provide an attacking threat from the left.

    The interchanging of Sturridge & Suarez on the right was more effective than has been in previous weeks as they are both right sided players and more comfortable on the right.
    Additionally Flanno was offering an attacking threat on the right ( in past games & now) where as Cissokho just doesn’t give us anything on the left.

    2) Curious what others thoughts are on not playing(starting at least) Coutinho in away games??

    Can Gerrard play further up the pitch? Yes, but we would never be able to press & counter attack driving thru the middle of the pitch like we did today & the games when Gerrard was out injured. He does give us another dimension from deep though with his long balls.

    We have seen thru the season that the team can play like this performance today. Now Brendan has to unlock the secret of how to consistently perform like this.

    • Actually, you’re wrong, sterling played on the right. You should’ve listened to his post match interview.

      • Not sure what game you were watching mate but Sterling played on the left today.
        Arsenal were expecting him on the right and that is where he lined up for the first couple of minutes, then after that he was solely on the left – and defending deep in front of Cissokho. Both his goals were from the left.
        You got a link to the interview?
        Wouldn’t mind listening to it.

        • No link, saw BR’s interview on lfctv. They asked him about the formation and that’s when he said it. But if I’m honest, I really couldn’t tell you where he played, because he was everywhere across the front 3 pisitions.

      • Against Everton & WBA – SAS rotated between left & middle with Sterling permanently on the right. This game he switched Sterling permanently on the left after the first few minutes of diversion.

  17. I posted in the week that I would love to see Stirling on the left and Brendan did just that. With Suarez on the right Arsenal had no answer. Great team performance, subs included.

  18. the muncher did a jig around the lounge when the 4th went in to make the game safe. mr misery wenger will be a bit more miserable for a bit.
    if we do city & chelski the same we will win the league and give gerrard his1 missing medal.

  19. the muncher did a jig around the lounge when the 4th went in to make the game safe. mr misery wenger will be a bit more miserable for a bit.
    gerrard can get that missing medal.

  20. And another brilliant win today!!!The shame is that we are not on the top of the table where we should have been right now. Do you agree? It was just our sluggish performances which led us to this position. What a pity that is. But there is still a chance. Liverpool and BR I am begging you. Do destroy Fulham on Wednesday too. No more slip ups!

  21. I was worried about the result of this game. If we lost we would’ve been 11 points off top and everyone would’ve said that we’re not really better off than we have been the last couple of years. We’ve just proved our quality and our first 11 can match anyone in the world bold statement I know but arsenal have beaten some big teams this year and we’ve just bossed them if this was a boxing match the ref would’ve stopped it in the first 15 minutes. The most impressive thing about today’s result is we did it without Suarez scoring shows we have players all over the park who can score(as long as their surname begins with an ‘s’) lastly how good is Raheem sterling BR needs to take a lot of credit for his form as he’s developing into an outstanding player. Hendo really needs to calm down and be a bit more composed in front of goal

  22. If you’re 100% happy then there’s no room for improvement. That’s what rafa was always good at if he were in charge today the commentator would’ve said so rafa you must be pleased with 5-1. His reply not really because it should’ve been more

  23. The gooners just experienced the Anfield cyclone sweep through their team. As devastating high tempo mauling as you will ever see. Visual Viagra !

  24. Brendan Rodgers, we possibly have the best manager in the league at the moment. What he is doing with this team at the moment is simply phenomenal.

    I read a post in RAWK that this man could very well be the next Ferguson. In that we change our style according to our environments. In the way he has so many decent/good footballers playing like great/excellent ones (Skrtel, Hendo, Flanagan, Cissokho, Toure). And the manner in which he has been able to get the best out of all our players including the youngsters.

    Last year, we were able to see Rodgers decimate teams like Newcastle, Norwich, Swansea, Wigan and other mid-table fodder. This year, we’re clearly seeing an improvement with battering performances against the likes of Tottenham, Everton and Arsneal. I mean, he has effectively schooled AVB, Martinez and Wenger – that is no mean feat.

    I feel so blessed, proud and lucky to have a manager like him. I knew that Rodgers was a talented man, but he’s shocked me with just how many things he’s been able to change for the better in such a short span of time.

    • Well said mate.

      Yes he is still tactically experimenting but that is to be expected of all managers at all occasions as they should have the team constantly evolving.

      I think his biggest difficulty is getting the team consistently performing at a high level like this game and V Everton.

      It is a psychological issue with the players as they rise to the occasion and play brilliant football in the “bigger” matches because of the greater intensity, then nose dive like against WBA

      He needs to solve this.

      West Ham
      Crystal Palace

      On form there is a certain 17 away points there.

      Here’s hoping Rodgers makes it 21.

  25. What an exciting game. Finally Liverpool put up a real convincing show that they are of worthy title contenders. The whole team did very well.Even Cissokho was really trying his best to make sure nothing get past him. The whole team performance deserved a 9 rating from me. Too bad Suarez , Kolo , Coutinho and Henderson didn’t get their names on the scoresheet. If not the scoreline could easily have been double of that.Don’t really know what had happened to Arsenal.The team did not show up to play. Well done Liverpool . Keep up the good work. YNWA.

  26. And who says I don’t see the bad parts? How many of my comments on this forum have you actually read?

  27. Everyone has seem to forgot the tackle he made on Giroud right after the first. then again the clearance he made from the poor attempt of a punch from Mignolet. It’s whole different game if he doesn’t intervene.

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