Alex Teixeira keen to move, talks set to continue with Liverpool

on 22.01.2016

Despite Liverpool’s initial bid for Shakhtar Donetsk midfielder Alex Teixeira falling short, they have been encouraged to continue talks.

Alex Teixeira 1

Teixeira was subject of a surprise bid from Liverpool this week, as revealed on Thursday morning, with Reds CEO Ian Ayre travelling to Shakhtar’s winter training camp in Florida to discuss a possible move.

Ayre has since returned to Merseyside, with Shakhtar having rejected Liverpool’s offer of around £24 million.

But according to widespread reports on Friday afternoon, Teixeira’s desire to join Jurgen Klopp‘s side this January is likely to see talks continue.

“The player’s camp are positive that an agreement can be struck, with the 26-year-old keen to move in order to improve his chances of earning a first call-up for Brazil,” writes Melissa Reddy.

“However, Liverpool are aware negotiations will not be straightforward given Shakhtar’s valuation of Teixeira.”

Shakhtar are thought to value the attacking midfielder at closer to £30 million, but Ayre’s trip to Florida for face-to-face talks suggests he is confident of securing a deal.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Sunday, January 5, 2014: Liverpool's Managing Director Ian Ayre during the FA Cup 3rd Round match against Oldham Athletic at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

That Ayre flew back to Liverpool without having come to an agreement with Shakhtar is worrying, however.

Premier League rivals Chelsea are also thought to be interested in signing Teixeira, and reports of Liverpool’s movements could spark a bidding war this January.

Unlikely to baulk at Shakhtar’s valuation, Chelsea could move in for Teixeira at this stage, though they are yet to have submitted a formal bid.

The difference between a £24 million signing and a £30 million signing in the modern footballing landscape is minor.

If Klopp is desperate to add the 26-goal man to his squad this January, Liverpool are not likely to stand in his way.

Seemingly given assurances from the Brazilian himself, Ayre should now continue to push for a move.


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  1. 6 mil is minimum, well hand it over and get the deal done, we are within an outside chance still of getting fourth, with this kind of player it makes sense,6mil and possibly fourth, or 24 mil and risk losing out to the plastics.

    Get a grip fsg, get a grip Ian ayre.

  2. He’s cuptied for the Champions League. Would that bar him from the Europa League as well?

    I don’t think they let £6m get int he way of getting him. The problem is Shakhtar’s owner is one of the wealthiest men in Ukraine. He’s under no pressure to sell. He can possibly get more in the summer or get less than £30 in the summer were he pick up an injury or slump. It’s of no concern to him.

    • According to in-brief…

      A player can play for one club in the Champions League then represent another club in the Europa League following a transfer in the same season.

    • It is of concern to the club but they know they can probably get a better bidding war in the summer. This exercise could easily be just to test the water for buyers and the owners have no intention of going through with anything less than 50m euros.

      The player will want to move because Ukraine is just a mess to be in right now.

    • He can play in the europa. It’s odd, but you can do it this way but not the reverse. It’s irrelevant anyway, I don’t believe that Ayre will do the deal.

  3. So they have dropped there price by 8 million really

    and he wants to come according to melissa so its a done deal then

    This as the Konoplyanka saga written all over it no doubt we will blame it on the club refusing to do buisness

    • How is this the Konoplyanka deal? That was done over the course of last 2 days if memory serves me right..there was a release clause attached which we did pay in the dying hours. Little to no similarities except the country of selling club.

  4. Act fasssssttttttt!!!!!
    Or take loan from me!!!(though it will not be even his flight’s pay :P), just do whatever you have to do!!!

  5. Hello! we are Liverpool Football Club, can we pay £10m pound more than any other club for your player please.

    God i love this club but we don’t half pay over the odds for new players.

    • as do chelsea and utd. that’s why chelsea spent over £100m on youngsters to avoid that. Trouble is Mou went and sold their best young players ha ha ha ha ha ha. You couldn’t write the script!

  6. Can’t they just flog Joe Allen now that he’s played 3 good games in a row what with his contract being up.

    • Did you see the other day that sturridges goals are costing us over half a million a piece due to the wages hes getting and the length of time hes took to get them
      yes he may score but hes been here 3 years now

          • at least he does something (off the ball). wish he was just a better player though. It’s a lot for a water carrier.
            I’m hoping he gets sold this summer. easy £10m, cover the signing on fee and get a younger guy in. Same with Lallana for £20m.

          • Ya got someone to buy Adam for 20 million I have a bridge to sell you in swamp country man.

            Edit: And I appreciate Adam;s pressing contributions, just lack of end product is murderous right now

          • PL money is there to be spent. But yes, he’s not making it easy to sell him for sure.

          • If we can get 20 million we have to sell. Frees up the coin and gets rid of the glut at AM so we can appropriate money better.

      • Did you hear Didi Haman slaughter him, said he was exactly the same at City when Didi was there, he’d train all week great then on a Friday the day before a match he’d start bleating about back or groin pain.

          • True, how many of them were backing Rodgers all the time! But Didi was just giving a bit of inside info.

          • yeah. I like Klopp’s approach. Do a pre-season to build up some strength and stamina, get your muscles and joints used to working again.
            Then do 10 days training with the team and show that you don’t break down (at least significantly).

            this puts it on him. Klopp won’t be checking on him day to day, he’s put the ball in his court and said, get fit and then you’ll play, otherwise I’m not interested.
            DS knows what he has to do and it’s on him to do it. Great pragmatic approach and mentally DS knows where the bar is set and he has to clear that hurdle.
            Perfect way of handling him. Hopefully by summer pre-season, he’s actually got through his troubles and his ready to go. That would be a success.

            Flanno waited a year and then had to have surgery again.
            Enrique waited a year and then had to have surgery again and is struggling to get his pace and fitness back.

            this isn’t unusual for me, no surprise if it ends up being 2 years to recover.

    • I’m inclined to agree with you if Klopp indeed is really keen on him. However, he could be just one of a handful of guys Klopp is equally enthusiastic about. In which case you might be less willing to over pay.

      Having said that there is also perceptual value of Klopp getting his first big target, especially if it is over Chelski. It shows the world that players want to come here and play for him.

      • Exactly my thinking about Klopp. If Ayre flew to Florida then it shows this is the main target. In truth it’s probably the only target. So the deal must be done, it’ll be too demoralising if it’s not.

        • I don’t think so. they want a bidding war and don’t care if they have to wait until summer.
          it shows our intent. I don’t think Klopp buys 7 players of this price tag type. One or two plus a lot of unknowns, hopefully the future goetzes and lewa/auba’s.

          We may even find a lot of german recruitment staff joining in the summer from his contacts. Hope so.

        • I see nothing to suggest they have come down from their 50m euro price tag. not reliably.
          looks like they are waiting for a bidding war hoping for desperate clubs in January. But events aren’t supporting them in the UK.

          Chelsea’s season is shot, no point in them spending crazy money without a perm manager.

          Utd – who knows what they’re doing but LVG isn’t secure.
          Citeh – don’t need him.
          Spurs – too tight, don’t need him.
          Leicester – too tight.
          Arsenal – Wenger won’t spend this on him.

          So the problem for us is they can sit until the summer when half of these clubs might want him and drive the price back up to 50m euro.

  7. People are overreacting in my opinion, basically every source I read is saying that a new bid will be submitted soon and hopefully that’ll be enough, there’s no point in worrying about it because we can’t do anything, I’ll admit I have little confidence in Ayre but I have complete confidence in Klopp, so hopefully he’ll sway the final decision, whatever happens I’m calm because I’m sure Jurgen will have a supremely better plan B than Rodgers.

    • Also if Chelsea are going to swoop in and pay they’ll be expected to pay top dollar. it’s worth us waiting to see if that happens because we won’t pay what they will and I’d rather they did that and bought him without us going back in if that’s what they’re going to do. Lets face it , we wont match chelsea if they’re prepared to go to £39m.

  8. This is the only place that is quoting £30M…everywhere else is still saying £39M. Are Melissa’s sources THAT good…?

  9. Well done Ian Ayre. I think the “We won’t overspend on a player” is a fantastic policy.
    We’ll just stay mid-table

  10. We have definitely seen issues in the past in getting deals over the line, but the last window saw a real seed change, with Firmino getting done under the Manc’s noses and the club willing to pay full whack for Benteke.

    I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt this time around…

      • To be honest Stan and even allowing for a degree of optimism it’s hard to argue with the Firmino and Benteke examples even if the latter is also a good example of why you probably shouldn’t pay silly money to get what you want..

        • I would defend this case with kloppo being involved in it in comparison with TC or rodgers in benny’s case. Looking at the timing and confidence( even its little) this deal is oozing am sure klopp seriously wants him and when kloppo persuing him it kills my doubt over A Tex’s abilities. Lets just hope kloppo gets his players even if we know less about them.

          • Please stop it i didnt read anything that said Klopp called teixeira or flew to Miami with Ayre which brings me to the next question where did you hear about Klopps involvement ????

            The same Kloppo believes in Mignolet 5 year deal while Mancs are looking at Butland

          • Manager talks to player about plan and targets which can be done over phone that is why its pointless he would have flown to Florida. Secondly, shakhtar is a club where kloppo has also previously raided for henrikh and he is quite aware of its players. Thirdly, he has clearly said he has the final say in the signing of the player and looking at hastiness TC wouldn’t sign player without kloppo’s approval.

            Migs have been given new deal doesn’t prove he will not new keeper. Migs can fine no.2.

    • Scums where not after firmino. If he was a must have target then would have get it done with one phone call. They have the money to make things easy.

      They only face problem when getting a not out of favour player from clubs like real, barca…or prem top club’s.

      I still wonder why they didn’t moved for KDB. I wonder why Bayern, Barca( loaning back move because of ban) and real went after him. Crazy! I can’t see such a good player in prem for someone else other than us.

      United have plenty of money but neither they are doing anything great in terms of transfers apart from martial, rojo, Shaw and darmian.

      • Seems United aren’t seen as an attractive destination right now. LVG is a boring, outdated manager. They were in for Clyne as well

        • Yeah. We made some good move for Clyne.

          I hope we start beating every pl team to sign top players. Those days are not far.

      • Don’t be so niave as to assume all Utd have to do is lick their grubby little fingers.. Firmino is a player of substance, so Utd never really stood a chance…

  11. I’m sorry but I think that Arye is doing the job pretty well, as far as it can be said at all due to the informations coming through. The player is keen to join Liverpool FC, rather than Chelsea. So – given the fact that Teixeira is injured and might even been signed without any medical check at all, as Artur Petrosyan claims, it’s Aryes turn to negotiate further on with the price.

    • Where did you see him say that he would prefer us over Chelsea?

      Currently Chelsea haven’t bid, it’s all paper talk saying that Chelsea have been “interested” in the past.

      • Several reasons. 1) he is childhood mates with Coutinho. they came up at Vasco de gama together. 2) Klopp vs some unknown quantity at Chelsea. 3) Our playing style fits his to a T. Chelsea’s? Who knows. it doesn’t fit him now.

        • I asked where it was mentioned that Chelsea were in for him. Instead you gave me reasons he would come to us.

          I mean I much prefer the reasons you gave though :)

      • In the source linked to this article, it says: “Shakhtar Donetsk’s Alex Teixeira wants to join Liverpool and is confident a deal can be reached between the clubs, a source close to negotiations has revealed to Goal.” A source close to negotiations – well, I don’t think that Melissa Reddy is trying to exaggerate here. She’s not a journalist of the SUN, is she?
        And it makes some sense, doesn’t it? Teixeira might want to appear in the first team as often as possible and he might want to be at least in the Europa League next season. Liverpool by far not out of the race for this.

        • I don’t doubt at all that he would want to join us.

          It’s possible that we’re the only club to make contact with him so far.

          I’m just not getting my hopes up too much yet as nowhere has been quoted as him saying he would prefer us over Chelsea.

          It just says that he is interested in moving to us.

          • That’s not wrong, of course. I do understand the report in that way, though. Why? First of all, because the information seems rather clear to me. He wants to join “Liverpool”. Not any more “the EPL”. Secondly, the “Liverpool Echo” wrote this morning as well that the reds were still “confident” they can agree a deal for the forward.

        • he said good things about chelsea before though. he’s desperate to get out because Ukraine is a war zone.

      • Papers yesterday reported that Chelsea were put off by the price, hence why they showed interest in Pato. All of a sudden they’re back in. Seems to me more the media know how Liverpool fans lap up any tiny bit of a story (especially on Twitter) so saying we have competition guarantees them clicks.
        Personally I don’t believe Chelsea are in for either, as their manager (who’s name escapes me as I write) said there’s no point him buying players as he’s only there short term.

        • liverpool sells. huge fan base. Talksport radio put liverpool stuff out daily because they know the switch board lights up and they get 15p/minute for every call plus whatever part of a connection fee.
          Even though the media don’t like lfc, they know it’s huge audiences and frankly we haven’t deserved that attention for many years now.

    • In some reports its written that he is not hammy injured but only rested bcz of all discussions going on his future.

      • So Shakthar faked an injury to put other clubs off? Or to make sure he didn’t get injured. That would be icing as that Ukranian journalist is an arrogant guy.

        • To be frank, there is nothing conclusive about all of the injury reports other than he has pretty good record against injuries (last injury in 13/14 season-2 matches missed) so even if its a hammy it will only be a minor one.

      • I tried to answer you one hour ago, Stan_Klopp, but I’m still waiting for the approval. Maybe something got wrong accidentally. ;) I wrote:

        As far as I understood it by now, the club’s owners play the injury
        down, claiming it was only minor. But if you want to check out the
        twitter account of Artur Petrosyan, an editor-in-chief of the russian
        “Sport-Express” and Liverpool supporter, you’ll find pictures and a
        video about the issue.

        • Yes, I saw his twitters and also images of ice pack now and I take your point here. But given his injury record which very good (last injury in 13/14 season for two matches) this injury must not be a major one, right? 10-15 days of recovery?

          • I very much hope so! ?? Still, we’ll need firepower for the next two weeks and if I’m not totally mistaken, Origi and Coutino will be back in mid-february as well. Imagine this: Origi up front, Tex behind him, Firmino and Coutino…

    • Not sure the Ukrainian owner will be willing to deal with the Russian in charge of Chelsea. These Eastern billionaires have massive egos. And I highly doubt the player himself is willing to play for Hiddink over Klopp (damn it feels nice to use the big manager card on our side for once).

  12. Why come all the way back to ask ‘Can I have some more money please’. There are things called telephones nowadays. Either the deal is already done or there are other problems.

    • Sometimes in negotiations you have be prepared to walk away from a deal. Actually walking away from the negotiation is a fairly clear signal that one is willing to forgo the deal. This puts pressure on the other party if in fact they want a deal to happen. I wouldn’t read too much into this.

        • I might be wrong but didn’t Fellows or someone else start the negotiations in Ukraine and then eventually Ayre went over and the negotiations stopped. Not sure if we actually ‘hung around’. As I say I might be wrong.

      • I agree with you in normal circumstances it is a good negotiating ploy but are we so confident with our record in negotiating to be able to do that. I really hope we are getting this one right. I think it would be hard for Ayre to recover from this if we lost him to another club…..again.

  13. All speculation at this point and no reason to get excited until the kid puts on a Lfc shirt. Can’t say I’ve seen this kid play enough but reports seem good, let’s see.

  14. I would understand if Ayre had returned because Shakthar want £38m as previously reported.

    However, why would Ayre get back on a plane for the sake of £6m difference?

    That could’ve all been sorted surely with a phonecall to FSG?

    Something with this deal doesn’t sound right to me.

    I’ve seen a couple of other places saying Shakthar want £30m but the way this is playing out makes me think they do want nearer to £38m.

    • they’ve publicly noted the 50m euro figure. if it’s £30m + addons, that’s very expensive indeed, otherwise why would chelsea not have done the deal before?

      • Only becomes expensive if the player meets the requirements for the Add-Ons and should he hit those targets then we should be successful; on the pitch meaning the success should outweigh the price of add-ons.

        That’s the dream anyway :)

  15. Where did this Melissa get the idea that he’s keen on the move, it’s just a guess by the look of it. This type of reporting is irritating because it gives us false hope. Why would Ayre and co not just stay in Florida until the deal is done instead of this reported flying back and forward, can’t they just video conference or phone FSG about negotiations? It’s frustrating that nothing has been announced yet, as the likes of Chelsea have a lot more financial clout than us. Just get it done for goodness sake.

    • past experience in Ukraine (kono) suggests there’s little point in hanging around and that they may see it as a sign of weakness and/or desperation.

      Also, Shaktar have every reason to get a bidding war going even to the point of not selling this month regardless of us going up to £30m if they think he will still be a target for clubs like chelsea with a new manager in the summer, or a Utd etc.

        • yes, the owner decided not to sell to us despite his contract running down.
          There was some talk that he had to pay some [nominal] fee to leave the club despite being out of contract but there’s no details. who knows how the mafia works out in those parts.

          Not sure why we didn’t go for him once he was on a free but maybe wage demands or the attraction of Atl Madrid made the difference. Good sign that we went for him though .

  16. the difference between 25 and 30 million should be easily overcome. However, between 25 and 38 is a much bigger gap. Ultimately it will come down to what each party’s squeal number is and how much each wants to get a deal done.

  17. Let Chelsea have him. Need an actual striker. Most of his goals were from the spot or strikes that Premier League keepers are going to stop.

    • is that right? do you have sources for those numbers?
      Very worrying if it’s just pens. though the pace would be good.

    • Is he fast and can play wing and cf in a pinch? Yep. We need that width and he can provide pace and end product. Hell, maybe even Ibe can learn a thing or two from him, who knows. He showed well in CL and seems pretty resilient i.e. injuries so I am in favor of the move.

    • No. We need a fast midfielder able to have a good first touch, robust, playing more than 2-3 games in a row, with a good shot and technical ability. We have 5 players unifying to the player i described.

    • Suarez was a RW before joining us… So you see players should not be judged by what position they are playing, but by the attributes they actually posses, that said he is pacey, skillful and knows how to score goals all that Benteke is not… Benteke is just another Andy Carroll mistake

      • tekkers is defo more than andy carroll but the point remains sound.
        BR chasing a target man for 2 summers is doing my head in especially paying £32.5m for one.
        when did we ever develop the techniques for servicing a target man?

      • Fair enough. Just my opinion. No doubt at least he’s an upgrade on Milner and Lallana. Just don’t think this kid is all that to go into meltdown over. With Ayre coming back empty handed I can see Chelsea getting it done. Won’t bother me.

  18. I’m guessing Ayre’s meetings in Florida was more about meeting with Tex and his agent, gauging if they saw eye to eye on the what the outlines of a contract would look like as much as to meet to negotiate with a ukranian oligarch.

    besides If you’ve ever been to Orlando Florida you would know why Ayre would want to get the heck out of there ASAP.

  19. For the life of me I don’t understand all this talk of Sturridge just wanting to sit around and collect a check rather than play BS. What would Sturridge possibly stand to gain from this? There is only downsides for him. He is entering the prime of his career. If he performs at the level we know he can his earning potential on and off the pitch skyrockets. If he doesn’t, his career withers on the vine. I don’t understand at all this idea that Sturridge is doing this intentionally. It makes no sense.

    • I am of the opinion hold onto him. He has a prolific record when healthy and another dude who was excoriated and held to the fire was a certain RVP. Got his injury issues settled at a similar age and didn’t do too shabby for Arsenal or SCUM.

      • I really want studrige to be a legend here but I just can’t wait for him any long to catch the train. Hope he gets rid of this bad phase of life soon

      • Agreed. I’d be looking to build a side that works with and without him with little disruption. That concept seemed to be a little beyond Rodgers and the TC

      • I agree with you fully. Hold on to Sturridge. His scoring stats are amazing and we need him fully fit. We cannot discard him because he guarantees goals. No other player at Liverpool currently scores with the ease with which Sturridge does.

    • Of course he is not doing it on purpose, however he has played half of the games he could have for us. Even if he has the potential to be the best in the game, if he cannot stay fit he is no good. A sad story indeed but football is like that you see. I really like DS and he has proven that he is an excellent when fit, but if he could not step it up by the end of season he has to move on. Lallana on the other hand is simply a good substitute, not a leader and defo not a huge talent, all he can do is turn around… in reality i never really liked him, However as long as he is part of LFC we all should stand behind him, this is what being a fan means! In other words be down to earth with where we are but believe and dream, because at the end of the day that is what makes the difference, what makes LFC special!

    • You wait, he is supposed to be ready to play the very same day the window closes, but on the 3rd of Feb, he’ll develop a new problem… We can’t wait around in the hope Sturridge makes a comeback, he will just have to hope whoever comes in, ain’t all that…

      • I think Klopp will stay with him till the end of the season…on his next comeback, if Sturridge shows that he can stay fit longer than what his history shows…he will keep him…stating the obvious is my thing nowadays…

      • Apparently, Klopp is ready to show as much patience with Sturridge as he did with Gundogan. The thing is Gundogan had a well reported back problem but Sturridge’s real problem remains a mystery.
        With so many advances in technology and science, not being able to figure out the source of the problem given considerable resources is a travesty.

        • Sturridge’s problem is simple to diagnose.. £150k per week and a club that kisses his arry, no real incentive to force his way back.. Too much fun to be had not playing.

    • ‘ For the life of me I don’t understand all this talk of Sturridge just
      wanting to sit around and collect a check rather than play BS ‘

      I agree that with most players this would be true, but not playing on a regular basis has been the case all his career and now you do start to wonder if he could play a little more often than he does.

    • Cool story bro:-) Do you think we should prioritize EL and PL and go all in on the League Cup or what? I say go gangbusters in first match vs. Augsburg and put the tie out of reach.

  20. This guys looks the part ,noting watching his goals scored this season would suggest he is both footed but plays more central to left which is exactly were lallana plays ! Perfect we can off load that dudd .Texiera has scored more goals this season than the muppets scored in his whole pl career .

  21. here’s one from leftfield.

    Loan Dwight Gayle, unwanted by C. Palace, with an option to buy and use him as a CF.
    Pace, some finishing, tall and physical, a bit headless and not a winger but under Klopp? Said to be a CF but Pardieu just plays him as a winger.

    A cheap experiment, but with a potentially massive upside.

    Come at me folks. tin hat is very much on!!

  22. I’m not sure how reliable the £30mil valuation is as it was originally believed to be £39mil (50 mil euros) but the £5mil difference is a lot more bridgeable than a £14mil differential, I’m sure if we want Teixeira badly enough we can find a way to get the lad without being taken to the cleaners in the process..

    • Melissa Reddy used to be a Supersport presenter in South Africa, massive Liverpool fan too, she is very close to Liverpool, she appears on LFCTV………….. wonder if she has been nudged into reporting this to help the deal along?………….she seems sure of her information from Teixeira’s people.

      • I’ve been a big fan of Melissa for years, very respected and a very reliable source of information, also as you point out she’s a massive fan of our club but I don’t think she’d allow anyone to ‘nudge’ her, she’s very much her own person..

        • not too impressed with her podcast stuff. Repeats what she’s heard at press conferences but that’s about it and not a confident speaker either.

          • Interesting to hear you say that, she always struck me as being very ‘switched on’, let’s get the Teixeira deal done if possible and get back to her another time..

          • I don’t pretend to be an authority on her work, quite possible she does 99% other stuff that I have no idea about. I just wasn’t impressed and didn’t really feel she pulled out the really pertinent quotes from Klopp conferences. But that’s just me.

        • Be interesting to see if the Liverpool hacks come in and back her story?, the regular press boys like Paul Joyce etc.

          • I think I’m right in saying it was Paul Joyce that first broke the story, he’s obviously well connected at the club, it remains to be seen if the club were okay with him revealing it or whether his connections might not be so forthcoming in future..

          • once you make an offer the selling party will publicise it because they want a bidding war with the most customers possible.

            Before that point you may aswell do some journos a favour so that when you need them for some future situation you can get your side of a story out.

          • Can’t argue with either of your points but I think the club would have liked to have got this one done (if possible) under the radar, not as easy as it once was…

    • before we sent ayre out , we would have known what they wanted… alex wont be comming, cos we quibble over 5 mill for talent and give full whack on benteke… ??? clueless

      • we knew they wanted 50m euro. You go out and make the offer because you show that you’re serious, not just chucking numbers down the phone line.
        You then leave so you don’t look desperate and see what their response is, does it indicate a willingness to come down.

        Now we go back on Sunday/Monday with a few mill extra after the owners re-cap / re-assess on why we’re paying this much and alternatives, and give a deadline with the new offer for say Wednesday for the deal to go through.

        Sounds very sensible. You don’t hang around in florida, you only go back because you’ve essentially been told your new offer is acceptable and meanwhile you’ve re-assessed other targets at the new price level and decided what your game plan is with time left in the window to do something about it.

          • it’s called negotiation. Very rich owner, but Ukraine is a war zone and oil price is through the floor which affects russia’s borders extensively.
            TV and commercial revenues have completely disappeared there so any high wage player HAS to be sold even if it is only in the summer, and all ukrainian football has to return to developing near zero cost local boys again.

            So go in and negotiate and see if a reasonable deal can be done. this isn’t about £5m, it’s about £15m.

          • he’s no Di Maria, Decent but check the vids. doesn’t look like £30m worth.

          • personally i think we should be competeing higher in the market, in todays market 30 mill is pretty average, so why are we still buying… bidding for… average

      • You could also argue that Shaktar dropping their valuation from £39 mil to £30 mil (if true) suggests that we might have been right to quibble. Bottom line is none of us know for sure how this is going to pan out, when we do everyone’s opinion including yours (and mine) will have a lot more validity..

  23. Marquee players are worth the extra cash and it makes sense to get the deal over the line as quickly as possible. Will LFC get the deal done or is it just going to be another disappointment? Refresh…….Refresh……..Re

  24. Alex Texeira, keen to move to Liverpool, yes keen to work under Klopp, the first of many.
    Keep coming my Brazilian friends.

  25. There is a chance this deal might not be done in the winter or that it might with him subject to coming over to LFC only in the summer. Shakhtar wouldn’t like to give their top talent mid-season after all.

  26. We are so lucky to have Mr Klopp as our manager I am still pinching myself ! What player anywhere in the world would not want to play for him at a club like Liverpool with our tradition , history and our fans ! I don’t care who he signs or lets leave the club , I just know it will be right for us. Kloppo is awesome ! Give him another 12 months to get his own team ….we will be Power !

  27. Same situation as so many before. If they want 30m either pay it or stay at home, don’t embarrass yourself by going all the way there and then offering them less.

  28. It is interesting that we’re going for an AM here. He has goals so it’s quite possible that Klopp wants to basically make him a CF with his pace like Aubameyang but still have the flexibility of him being a wing/wide player which we don’t have other than a very raw and less than smart Ibe.

    Klopp tried Immobile at BVB who should have been the perfect “nuisance” forward ala Suarez style or that big forward who went from Italy to Atl Madrid, but it failed badly for Immobile at BVB and then at Seville although he’s settled well back at Torino where he started. Auba however is a massive success though it took 3 seasons for him to get into gear. This looks much more in that mold and the AMs aren’t scoring for us either so something is needed. Origi is the one who will be fit in a few weeks and he’s only 20 and certainly can’t be relied on.

    This has to also be about the game congestion too with EL coming up again and being able to rest players midweek/weekend according to priorities. It’s certainly exciting, depends if Shaktar are just starting a bidding war for the summer or if they’re really trying to sell.

    • I don’t get the “we already have too many number 10’s argument”. I mean, we have 3 keepers right now. 5 defenders. Does that mean we should be okay with what we have? Ridiculous argument. Klopp is trying to build a side that can compete in the CL in the long run, not one that occasionally challenges for top 4 and progresses to a local cup semi final as a target. For that we need to start upgrading. We might not get a better player for the position than Texeira in the summer

        • No idea what people see in Lallana. He isn’t good enough and is certainly not a suitable number 10.
          Firmino is far from consistent but might eventually come good. Same for Coutinho. So yeah, I don’t see any of these performing the number 10 function convincingly, you’re right.

          • When Lallana came in, I think we all thought that he wasn’t going to out-Coutinho Coutinho and he wasn’t going to out-Sterling Sterling, but he could perform a job in place of either without much dip in quality.

            If Sturridge was up top on a regular basis, I’d imagine that Lallana would seem a much more impressive player. Same with most of our squad. Lots of good players looking around for 1-2 great ones.

          • I was bemused when we spent so much on Lallana and Markovic, because they’d both just got assist figures of about 4/5 the previous season. Hendo can do better than that from a deeper position. Was a similar situation with Borini, as I think he scored 9 goals or something in his previous season before joining.
            At least with Balotelli, Benteke, Firmino and now Teixeira they’ve proven they can score goals or make assists elsewhere. No guarantees of course, but at least you’re giving yourself a chance.

      • The people who say we have too many AMs are the same ones who say we need another striker- look at all the strikers we already have on our books.

        “Oh but they’re injured!”

        And ours are not? Coutinho- injured. Lallana- injured.

        “But we will sell strikers in the summer!”

        Who? Benteke maybe, but who else? Are you saying it’s impossible that Lallana will leave? That Coutinho might piss off to Barca?

        We need a bit more perspective on this topic. Squad balance is needed, but sheer quality is needed just as much. Liverpool need to be a bit opportunistic and add high quality players to the squad where and when they can.

        The fact is that our attacking midfielders have under-performed this season, so I don’t understand how an over-abundance gives under-performance a let-off.

  29. The more I watch Teixeira the less impressed I am, he certainly is nowhere near world class, not particularly skillful at all, playing against average teams in Ukraine……..he takes a lot of pens that’s for sure………………is he really all that?.

    • what are you watching?

      also, if he’s pacey it’s possible he’s trying to make an Aubameyang out of him. Does that make sense?

      • Pretty much everything bud, he is not all that, lookout the garbage he is playing against, the opposition is diabolical.

        • I see what you mean. He’s not blowing the place up by any means. He seems to have a finish on him if he gets any space at all but there’s not a huge amount to go on.

          He likes to get very forward but there’s not enough to blow a large fee on him. If he can put goals into the wide AM position then that is big for us. Not seeing £30m worth I must say but then Mhikitaryan was over £20m some years back.

          I still have a crazy idea of taking Dwight Gayle on loan with an option to buy and trying him as a CF.

    • So you’re judging from Youtube videos and being skeptical despite being told he’s quality from people who have actually seen him play?

        • A lot of people here who’ve praised him, including myself, have seen him play in the CL and Ukraine not just this season but before as well. He isn’t an overhyped player like Firmino or Depay. He has quality to back it up. If Firmino is truly worth 29m, this guy should be 45m easily. Can take set pieces, great at dribbling, has creativity and imagination that none of our players have except maybe Studge and Coutinho

          • He does seem to be a penalty box player but he is a tiny little fella, I don’t really see the skills tbh, look at some of the defending on show, we are talking Lge 1 level in the UK.

          • Not really. You’re underestimating the league in question.
            And do you think Real Madrid have a poor defence? Or do his 2 goals against them not count?
            Come on, mate. Gotze would be a more risky signing right now than him.

          • firmino was pricey because of 3rd party ownership rights. it put other big clubs off him and he hadn’t done it on the biggest stage, it’s why we got him. And he plays very well and has shown talent and finishing with good players and hopefully will only get better. He’s 23 and it’s a big move for him, country, language etc.
            His record in Germany doesn’t suggest he’s over hyped at all.

          • He isn’t overrated but he’s overhyped- people expect instant results but he’s not the type of signing who can deliver instantly.

  30. Chelsea are not exactly the most stable club right now, and the player may not fancy going somewhere if he doesn’t even know who the manager will be.

    Honestly, I don’t see the physical charisma that you get from elite players, but I hear that he has tons of pace and that can only be a good thing. The thought of having someone playing the shoulder of defenders to latch onto a Coutinho through ball is a welcome one.

    Anyone know how his pressing game looks?

    • Pace upfront, I almost forgot what that looks like…. Had to ask an Arsenal fan what it’s like playing a Liverpool team with pace…. He wasn’t pleased.

      • Have you ever seen a more perfect 20 minutes of football? Imagine Suarez, Sturridge, and Sterling going full blast down the pitch with Coutinho and Gerrard feeding them inch perfect passes from across the pitch.

        I think Wenger still has nightmares

        • Made me laugh with joy thinking about that game. Remember getting up at 6am to watch the game and spilling my cup of tea all over the couch the wife was not happy when she woke up but I was like a kid in a candy store all week long. Good times.

  31. u know what is really annoying me now almost every media outlet is producing click bait now…. teixera discusses contract talks…. teixera reveals discussions with Klopp……. da** media I know its Joa not Alex….. stop trying to mislead me

    • Use No Script add on, or something similar, that way, you only allow what YOU want on any page.. can be a pain at first, but once you get the hang of it, it actually quite simple..

  32. Considering the money bogers wasted and what he paid for some of the mediocre players we have £30m is well within budget.

    • although he’s played CL and done well there he hasn’t quite proven himself on the big stage, this makes him a gamble for any club so some of the big clubs will pass on him, paying more for more proven.
      This is the level we’re buying at, good signs of high quality but not quite a target for the mega clubs. Something of a gamble but enough to go on to give it a go.

      Firmino was similar. Not proven enough for mega clubs but expensive because of the 3rd party ownership rights. We paid the premium because he’s shown great promise in a good league and has some international pedigree. After a bit of adjustment he should be very good, he is playing well already eg the utd game he was very good. Still needs to progress more but he has shown enough that he will be very good.

      It helps in terms of wages too so you can afford the extra signing fee.
      Hope he can give us some goals and if there’s good link up with other AMs/forwards then perhaps unlocks others like Firmino for scoring too.

  33. Apparently a fee has been agreed between the two clubs at around 29 million but I’ve only seen this on Twitter so not sure how true this is

  34. In all honesty FSG have spent proper money. Benteke, Firminio, Sahko etc
    It’s just unfortunately been on the wrong players. (Firminio exception)
    Klopp should however be afforded the same opportunity. I just hope he will

    • Yup. Benteke, Firmino, Markovic, Lallana, Lovren – purchased at a combined price of 125mil. Say what you will about these transfers that’s a ton of money offered for 5 players. And none except Marko are really that young.

      • Absolutely mate. To think of what we’ve spent on players who probably wouldn’t get in the top 4 teams is criminal. Let Klopp have his say from now on.

        • I think there were two strands of players, younger ones for the squad, take a chance but high calibre and then the mature ones at 26 or below with EPL experience. Seems sensible enough, you can object to any particular signing but seems a sound strategy.

          Can, markovic, origi, manqillo, coutinho, gomez were youngsters who should really be substitutes, stand ins.

          Lovren, Lallana, Balotelli, milner, sturridge, Benteke, sakho etc experienced with Allen inbetween the two camps and a couple of veterans.

          In my mind it was the Southampton group that was a problem in that they weren’t good enough as was Balotelli and Benteke who weren’t a fit.
          Better 1st team decisions would have given us better results. I don’t think BR was good enough to identify those targets.

          • Completely agree. Neither Rodgers or the infamous Committee had a clue what’s needed for the prem. That’s why I believe Jurgen should be given carte Blanche on signings.

          • I think the committee did fine with the young squad signings. It was the 1st team players from southampton and benteke that were the problem and that was most definitely not the tc, it was BR who wanted them. Milner too, just average players.

          • He had Michael Zorc as DoF who was also very instrumental in scouting and picking targets.

            We’re relying on the spreadsheet mafia.

  35. I’ve read a few suppositions below about Chelsea’s involvement in all of this. Chelsea are indeed interested. If his asking price wasn’t so high, Teixeira would have been a Chelsea player by now. He agreed terms with them, but Chelsea baulked at the price. Because Liverpool fans are shriekers, the media want you to believe that Chelsea are suddenly okay with the asking price just because Liverpool are now interested.

    • Because Liverpool fans are shriekers

      Hey Gandalf! What’s with the preachy attitude?
      Fans of ALL football clubs are like this.
      You seem to think that only Liverpool fans are affected by it.

      Get off your high and mighty soapbox son.

      I will look to this happening, at first light, on the fifth day.
      At dawn, I’ll look to the East.

      • Yes, I just think Liverpool fans are marginally more characterised by it.

        Hurry up Ian, show us the meaning of haste.

          • I totally agree, I watched the vids too and thought he looked average, I’m surprised he’s valued so high. His goal scoring stats suggest he’s good but I’d prefer LFC to go for Berhaino or Vardy who are proven in the Premiership and should be cheaper. Coming into the Premiership will be a real step up in class for Tex, if we buy him I hope he does great but I think Berhaino and Vardy are better bets.

          • There is no stats that says proven premiership players performed better. That’s what BR believed in and see what type of players we have. All those stars – NOT proven in Premier League before they move here.

            Under previous regime, we have players which is “proven” in ELP:
            Carrot, Downing, Adam, Lallana, Lovren, Hendo, Mario, Benteke, Allen, Borini, Clyne, Sturridge. What did we win? Nothing. Our best player then – Suarez – NOT proven in ELP.

            I’d say Berahino and Vardy can stay where they are…. I’d rather take a punt with a cheaper Serb or Polish than an expensive EPL “proven” player.

          • good for you, you should buy a football club and sign the Serbs and Polish you refer to, go for it, the world is your oyster.

          • We signed a 19 yrs old Serb recently. Your club still hunting for proven EPL players?

  36. Though Chelsea are supposedly interested in the player, that was when Mourinho was still there. So Chelsea not having a permanent manager could play into our hands

    Keep all fingers crossed

  37. “The difference between a £24 million signing and a £30 million signing in the modern footballing landscape is minor.”

    Yes, the difference is minor in modern footballing but in present economy any giant conglomerate can also collapse the next day if finance isn’t manage properly & if happens, it be back to square one looking for an investor.

  38. I wasn’t aware that the club had ‘put a halt’ on any deal for Teixeira, maybe you can expand on that and also remind me again of how long the Lallana deal took to complete..

  39. HAHAHA Klopp told Liverpool Echo he won’t pay exaggerated prices for any talents. Class. I really like that. Now that Teixeira yearns to switch over to Liverpool FC the club has got enough backbones not to throw money away. Klopp needs his budget to transform the club as a whole. And he raises pressure onto the ukranians rather than giving in.

    • They know the value of their player, they don’t need to sell, january is not the best time for selling, and they know we are not the only interested side.. So, Klopp’s words can only provoke them not to low down the price..

      • As far as I know Klopp, he doesn’t care. He won’t panic. If this deal isn’t meant to be done, he’ll wait for the summer transfer window to come, having enough money left to bid for the players he wants to have. He’s always been like this. Don’t worry.

    • Problem is tho, the owner of Shaktar is a Russian Oligarch so, I don’t think Ian Ayre will ‘Sweat him out’…

  40. I didn’t hold it up as an example of a good deal, but as a good example of us getting a deal done.

    Rightly or wrongly, the club paid the asking price to secure a player they wanted. That was a change in tack from previous windows. We can only imagine what might have been, if we’d done the same with Diego Costa or with Mkhitaryan?

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