Alexandre Lacazette wants Premier League move, Liverpool among clubs linked

on 14.03.2016

Lyon striker Alexandre Lacazette has revealed his intention to move to the Premier League this summer, with Liverpool among the clubs said to be interested.

Lacazette was regularly linked with a move to England throughout 2014/15, with his free-scoring campaign at the tip of the Lyon attack piquing the interest of Arsenal, Newcastle United and Liverpool.

But a slow start in 2015/16 has dampened speculation of a big-money transfer for the 24-year-old, who signed a new contract with the Ligue 1 side in August.

However, after a return to form in 2016, Lacazette is once again targeting a move abroad, as he told French publication Le10 Sport last week.

“A departure? Yes, I think about [it and] the Premier League is very attractive for a player,” he admitted.

“But I know that to go, I have to play well this season.

“So I’m very focused and perhaps after that, I will leave.

“I know it is possible to go to the Premier League, and Lyon is also aware.”

With both player and club seemingly aware of interest from Premier League sides, Lacazette now looks to be playing for a move.

The France international has scored 10 goals in 15 league appearances since November, including a hat-trick in Lyon’s 3-0 win at home to Saint-Etienne, and a brace against Bordeaux in February.

Lacazette also played a big hand in Lyon securing a priceless 2-1 win at home to Paris Saint-Germain this month, laying on Maxwel Cornet’s opener.

PSG, Wolfsburg and Juventus are listed as clubs to hold an interest in Lacazette, but the striker now seems set on a move to the Premier League.

Joining Liverpool in the race for his signature are Newcastle, Arsenal, Manchester City and Chelsea.

The prospect of adding Lacazette to the Liverpool attacking ranks could be an attractive one for Jurgen Klopp, who may be looking to replace the ill-fitting Christian Benteke this summer.

Lacazette’s speed, agility and predatory instinct make him the perfect fit for a fast-paced attacking system such as Klopp’s.

His ability to drive through defences and produce moments of magic would give Liverpool an added edge, with Lacazette a fine alternative to current first-choice striker Daniel Sturridge.

Having extended his terms with Lyon at the beginning of the season, however, Lacazette won’t come cheap.


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  1. has much as i would like lacazette to join, we got other areas that need improving first. plus we got sturridge origi ings benteke and firmino who can play as a striker.
    even if benteke is sold we still got 4 strikers. origi is coming on leaps and bounds. sturridge will find his form again, ings was playing great before he got injured and firmino is scoring for fun atm.
    we need to remember that we only play with one striker, so to have 3 out and out striker and firmino who can play there is more than enough.
    we need to focus on other areas of the pitch first.

    • I think Lacazette is the next Benzema. He would be our star striker with Origi and Ings developing behind. I have zero confidence on Sturridge ever being fully fit so we need a star striker.
      Never wanted Benteke and Klopp has shown in his team selections he has no future at the club.

  2. I have a feeling that some fans expecting Klopp to spend big this summer may be disappointed . Origi is improving and hungry , Danny Ings will return with a stack of desire and ambition also consider the longer contracts given to Stewart and Charovelli amongst others and the players signed in the January window .
    I would be surprised if Jurgen brought in more than two outfield first team signings with some players inevitably leaving.

    • What you say is great not sure why we should be disappointed :)
      Klopp may still go for some big player(s)… Lacazette sounds great to me and he’s sure not cheap.

      • Some fans are talking about a 100 mill war chest to spend which may be true but I dont see Klopp as that type of manager. For sure I think the days of 6/7 strangers arriving at the club every pre-season hopefully have gone. That felt like a lottery.

      • Also Cao, Klopp like the rest of us would study more closely the Leicester way of dealing than the Mancs City and U..

          • I think for sure he has a big budget and I suppose even Barca have weaknesses somewhere so he has free hands definitely but I think Klopp will be a lot more careful than most before he spends it. Basically I am trying to say just because its there doesn’t mean he has to spend it all.

          • Barca have huge weakness: the wage bill… it’s tough for them to keep so many big stars and they are on the verge of losing some of them…
            It’s great that Klopp does not have to spend all the money and we can still fight for title next season.

    • UEFA have taken no action against the mancs
      This is the same organisation who back in November seriously contemplated punishing Manchester City after their fans booed the Champions League anthem. The case was ultimately dropped but only after match delegate Geir Thorsteinsson had laughably referred it to the disciplinary unit.
      uefa are not fit to run a bath

  3. People forget one of the big reasons Lacazette scored so many last season was due to numerous assists and combination play between him and NABIL FEKIR. This season Nabil Fekir has been out since October with an ACL injury, hence the struggle for Lacazette. I urge people to watch Nabil Fekir, he could be our mahrez to Sturridge and Origi, The right sided player we need to complete our attack force.

  4. Not sure we need to spend (big) on another striker if Klopp continues to pick Firmino up front. With Sturridge, Origi and Ings we have enough cover. And I haven’t even counted Benteke who should be given another season if he’s ready to fight for his place.

    Plus, the market for strikers is going to be crazy in the summer. Pretty much everyone in the top 7-8 would be looking for a new world-class striker and everyone would be able to afford them because of all the TV money. Should be looking to push Firmino up front and look for better defenders, a GK and midfielders instead.

  5. Wingers are more important for us than a new striker i reckon, Markovic coming back will be a boost but i think we should look for a high end top quality player in that position the likes of Reus or Yarmolenko.

  6. yarmolenko or volland would be the player id sign for the wings.
    reus are quite injury prone and reus will end up at mardrid i think.

  7. I saw what he’s capable of last season, and I still think he can become a great player.. I’d be more than happy if we buy him, but I think Arsenal or City are him next destination..

  8. I would take Lacazette in a heartbeat instead of Benteke. He has everything a striker needs, reminds a little bit of Luis. And he is much more agile than Benteke will ever be, imho.
    However, someone posted absolutely right, there are still other areas which need to be strengthend, i.e. GK, DM, LB back-up.

  9. He’d be the next Benteke for us.

    Cost more than him and blows really hot and cold.

    Questionable attitude, been agitating for a move for a while now. He’d only try and use us as a springboard for “greater” things.

    We have a finite amount of money, rather blow 40 mill on Reus than this fella

    • Most players would and I can’t blame them, we’re not a top club. doesn’t mean he can’t become a Luis Suarez in his time here though, as long as he scores goals I would be happy. Benteke wasn’t up to this level and Sturridge is finished as a top player through injury.

      • Yeah thats fine, but I really don’t think he’s Luis Suarez Ajax level. I genuinely think he’s incredibly overrated.

        He had one stand out season, this season he’s been pretty average. Stick him in a competitive league and he’d struggle more then Big Ben.

        Then we’d all turn on him. Vicious cycle.

      • it dose mean he can,t be a suarez
        The chances of us signing another suarez in the next ten years are next to none
        Suarez is a player that comes along once every 20 years

        • Individually yes, but there’s no reason a player can’t come in for 2-3 seasons, score a ton of goals for us and move off to one of the elite clubs.
          This til death do us part notion that fans lump on to potential signings is excessive.

    • only thing i would disagree on with what you say is about him using us as a springboard for greater things
      Hes not good enough for greater things
      Shows how much the top clubs rate him hes been after a move for ages and only newcastle have made a firm offer

    • It wouldn’t be a sensible signing with Sturridge, Origi and Ings all on the books already, along with Benteke, but Lacazette is nothing like Benteke who never fit the correct profile in the first place

      • That depends whether we think Benteke was always going to be the plan A striker instead of the plan B with allready 3 plan A strikers on the books.

        • Benteke was just an awful awful signing. Not a bad player but like Lamberrt, Balo, and Carroll he just doesn’t fit, and we have 0 wingers to provide him with the service he got at Villa. Another senseless decision from Rodgers.

        • Considering the continued argument that we can’t compete financially with the top teams, you’d have to think that a £32.5m striker wasn’t being bought with the intention of sitting on the bench more often than not…

          • True, we need a plan B vs all those teams parking the bus. Then you want a fit Benteke to run them ragged. There are a lot of teams where you need that.

            He’s been contributing quite a lot allready. Scoring 12 points in the League for us and 3 in the EL group. That’s not half bad.

          • It’s an extremely over-simplified argument to make that Benteke’s goals have earned us “X” points. What is so overlooked is the overall contribution and how the whole team would have been impacted by a better striker playing up front (even if said striker didn’t match the miserly total himself).

            We could have easily picked up somebody like Wickham as a “Plan B” player to throw himself about against parked buses, and been left with the additional resource to be directed at improving the first team itself. Even the elite teams struggle to carry £30m players on their benches…

          • Not that extremely actually. Obviously one can say that a different striker would’ve done something different. But he was the decisive factor in all those games as he scored the only goal or the goal that levelled us etc. He was there and took his chance. The same as De Gea saving many points for the scum, Benteke won us many points by scoring the only goal, by taking his chance(s).

            But we are an elite team, we’re in the top 10 of the world richest clubs. That makes us an elite team alone. We can keep 30M players on the bench actually and we’ll continue to do that. New reality and all that.

          • If we are to go that simple than I can easily say that Benteke cost us the points in every game that he didn’t score then, particularly if the entire team failed to score around him, and as such he has cost the team more points than he has won the team.

            Btw, If we’re going to go down the route of arguing that we’re an elite team (which we should be, but clearly are not), then there shouldn’t be any excuses being made for the performances and results that we’re consistently seeing even now, nevermind over previous seasons.

          • No, he did not win us points. That’s something different then costing us points. You walk on to the pitch with a point each, one to lose and two to win. There hasn’t been a lot of games where Benteke was extremely poor. Yeah a few, new surroundings, bedding in period, different style, different expectations and what not. But, as with most, since the turn of the year he has played really well. The fact he could miss 9! chances against West Ham shows he played well enough to create and/or be at the end of those 9 chances. Mindboggling how he missed a few, but in terms of overall performance he was actually pretty good.

            Well, if you read the Swiss Ramble: Liverpool – Over the Wall you can see why an elite team as ourselves (which we definately are) has had a bumpy decade. There’s a huge distinction between excuses and reasons.

            Reasons: due to our debt inflicting former owners we’ve been replacing our world class players with worse ones since 2007ish. FSG came in and threw some cash but failed due to poor choices, poor managers, poor years. Then the new way of working by putting together a group of young players with a high ceiling and put a manager in front that could make that group a very good group. We stalled at that because the summer Suarez left we didn’t replace him with the right type of players. That costs us a full year (and a half) to return to a complete revamp of our attack which costs us that half a year to bed in. Origi to learn the league, Sturridge to return to fitness, Firmino to learn the league, people to know how to play with Benteke, Benteke to learn how to play this type of football etc. etc.

            If we were a shte team and a shte club , or not an elite club, we would’ve been fighting relegation at some point. We haven’t done that. We’ve generally hit below our targets but we’ve never finished below the top 8 in 60 odd years.

          • It was your argument that the one player won us points through the goals that he scored. The logical argument would then follow that failing to score will cost the team points.

            It’s great that you can point out a game where the striker got into position to miss a number of chances, but “unfortunately” that was the exception rather than the rule. Far more often were the performances of failing to convert any of the few chances available, and contributing little else outside of that element also.

            Finally, you had indicated that an elite team is a Top 10 team across Europe, rather than a team that just avoids relegation battles. We have been nowhere near that level for an awfully long time now. It was by no means mandatory that the club should make poor choices, select poor managers, buy the wrong players and undergo poor years. Remaining in the EPL top 8 is not elite, and those are just excuses for failing to maintain that level, regardless of how valid any of the excuses may be.

          • The only issue I have with this is that Origi appears to be a better plan B. With the potential to be the next plan A, to be sure, but that’s not a bad thing.

            I also think a likely overpriced Lacazette is, at best, only a small step up from where Origi already is. For me, Lacazette only makes sense if we sell Sturridge, and I don’t think we’re there yet (though we are probably only one long-term injury away from it).

          • 2, 2,5 plan A and 2 plan B.. That’s something to build on and not something to tear down again.

          • Provided Sturridge stays healthy and Ings can pick up where he left off, I’m pretty happy with where we are with strikers. I don’t thank panic sells are any better than panic buys, so I’m OK holding onto Benteke, especially through a full pre-season.

            On the other hand, I think you have to take a serious look at what sort of value Benteke brings to the club (no where near 32.5mil, in my estimation), and if we get an offer for him that is greater than that value, I’d have no issue pulling the trigger and selling him. And I’d probably feel a wee bit of relief in doing so, to be honest.

          • If silly money comes that’s ok and fine, but it needs to be silly money. Not that reported stuff of paying for his wages. I mean he is our 2nd goalscorer, one behind firmino. So basically our two biggest transfers do what they need to do in their first season.

            I like to see him get a second season and then we decide.

    • Madrid want him now, don’t think he’ll choose us over them…. Even though we have Klopp, but Madrid is just to big a club and to rich to compete against.

      Especially if one of their 3 CF’s leave (good chance that Ronaldo is leaving) so he’ll know that he’ll prtobably be a starter.

      I’d get Mahrez next season, exactly what we need to complete our strike force.

        • I still think Mahrez would rather come to LFC where he’s pretty much guaranteed a staring position, rather than to Barca where he’ll rot on the bench, he can’t play ahead of those front 3 (MSN) that’s for sure, whereas at LFC if he shows the form that he has this season, he’s pretty much sealed to that right wing role.

          • Seems to me Barca cant keep Neymar and their wage bill is so inflated…
            and Mahrez certainly has other suiters with CL football…
            why would Mahrez come to us? We have great potential with Klopp but I see the chance is slim.

          • Neymar to leave? Nah mate don’t believe it at all, as I said Mahrez would rather us than them because of playing chances, he can’t get ahead of any of those 3, but if he comes to us he’ll surely get a starting place, especially if he shows this season’s form.

            IF and that’s a very big IF, Neymar does leave, and Barcelona want Mahrez to replace him, then we have no chance at all.

      • Yes rm…it’s always them. Mahrez would surely not leave Leicester for LFC specially if we do not get CL footy. Also barca is looking at him.

  10. Lacazette should have been picked up along with Firmino when we were replacing Suarez, rather than us wasting a season with Balotelli, Lambert and Borini expected to deputise for Sturridge.

    Alas, with 4 strikers now on the books + Firmino, I think that the window has closed on that move.

  11. Maybe on a free he can be our fifth striker and replace Sinclairs place in the squad. Other then that? No thanks.

    He had his one wonderseason as Mahrez and Vardy are having now. Nothing to see here, moving on.

      • If you look at all his seasons this is way off to what he did before. So it remains to be seen what he can do next year. Grown expectations, more pressure to deliver, less room to move.

      • He didn’t come from the wing, he played as the lone striker in a counterattacking team and scored so many goals because they got a lot of penalty kicks and he had a great understanding with that Fekir lad, who’se out with an ACL.


        • I’m talking about the season before last season. Fekir wasn’t even playing !! The striker was Bafetimbi Gomis. I repeat: you’re clueless.

          • Ah so with “the season before” you mean “two years ago”? Then go on and insult someone, maybe don’t do that if English is proving a bit difficult.

            Playing of Gomis indeed, picking up lots of rebounds from long balls on Gomis. Wasn’t that impressed with them. I remember two good games against St. Etienne that season. Won one, lost one iirc.

            Grenier was an absolute joy that season, horrible injuries with that virus infection. I hope he starts playing soon (or allready is, haven’t seen a lot of Ligue 1 this season truth be told).

            Still, Lacazette like Depay, always falling short when he needs to, when there’s fierce competition on the pitch etc. Gets by on pace and strength. Just as Clyne and Flanno eat Depay for breakfast, Lacazette won’t do a great deal for us. Origi and Ings are the much bigger talents and there’s no comparison with Sturridge, Benteke and Firmino.

          • You were saying he was a one-season wonder so I replied that he had scored 22 goals the season before. English is not my mothertongue and I thought it was understandable.
            Origi and Ings bigger talents than Lacazette ?? What ? Ings is nearly as old as him and he has proved nothing in the top flight. And I don’t rate Origi at all after seeing him in Ligue 1 for two years.
            And the only striker definitely better than Lacazette is Sturridge but as you know he is always injured. Benteke is nowhere near him.
            Firmino seems to be the real deal but he wasn’t hitting the ground running last season. His best season was two years ago. Well like Lacazette.

          • No wasn’t understandable ;)

            I do know the 2013/14 season and I didn’t think he was very special that season. He scored a lot of rebounds and leeched off others. The season after that he was leading the line well, showing a lot of progress on that front. But without Fekir he wouldn’t have been that good.

            Ings hasn’t shown anything? double figures (11g and 4a) for the team that created the least amount of chances and the season before that he scored 21 goals in the Championship. He’s going to be big, easy to see as his movement is smart, his pace is good and he has an oustanding technique.

            Benteke has done exactly what Lacazette did in terms of goals etc. but he did it in the EPL, not in league 1. So yeah, Benteke is coming good and Firmino last season was 7 goals and 10 assists in a team that can’t cope without him (see their current standings). Firmino made Hoffenheim, Lacazette never made Lyon. He was the last piece of the puzzel, not the entire puzzel.

            And Origi was 17 in his first season at Lille, 18 when he started to break through with 5 goals allready. Lacazette broke into the side at 21 with those numbers. Divock needs to become 21 and is allready on 5 goals for Liverpool.

    • To get a good figure for his current club.
      Standard procedure for most clubs, sign here and you can go to any big team that stumps up our price, thats why Newcastle will miss out, Lacazette will only go to a bigger club.

  12. Seven years ago today we hammered the scum 4/1 at old toilet lets hope for another empty old toilet on thursday night

  13. The question is what happens if Sturridge has another long term injury next season? Would you be comfortable with Firmino, Origi, and Ings as our strike force?

    I am tempted to say yes, but part of me remains a bit nervous.

    I still think it will be Gotze and a GK (hopefully Ter Stegen), but we shall see. No doubt Lacazette would thrive with Coutinho and the rest putting on a plate for him.

    • I know what you mean but I actually feel pretty confident playing Firmino in the false 9 formation with 4-3-3..also, we’ve already seen what Origi and Ings can do…so I feel pretty comfortable with that.

  14. With Ings, Origi and IF and thats a big IF Sturridge finishes the season healthy there is no need for him would simply be a luxury buy.

    We need reinforcements in the midfield and a new Keeper

    • If Benteke is sold, Sturridge hardly ever fit and Ings coming back from a serious injury, I would say another striker is high up there.

        • When was the last time Jay Rodriguez played after his ACL injury? This is my worry with Ings. Add that with Bentekes likely departure, Sturridges fitness issues another striker wouldnt hurt.

          • Ings is supposed to be recovering from his ACL soon enough…if the recovery looks like it’ll take longer than we will go for someone else. Sturridge has come back and if he plays till the end of the season on a fairly consistent basis then again, we’ll have to go with the assumption that he’s fit to play next season. But we can’t make our decisions based on assumption that both Ings and Sturridge will be injured next season.

          • Maybe you are right, we shouldnt. But from the same point it maybe unwise to look at a players injury history and not pre plan for that to happen again.

          • The thing is this is known as having an insurance policy…that’s what we did when we got Caulker for half a season. We can’t do the same thing with a player like Lacazette..he’d cost a fair bit of money…we’re going to have to try and use/integrate him at the expense of some other attacker(s) in the squad.

          • I am speaking generally, not specifically with Lacazette in mind. Maybe he would be an expensive sub. I would like a new Striker though, i am a mug for new players, especially goal scorers.

          • Yeah false 9 last season…but that was just Aguero and Bony he had..Pellegrini is not too fond of center forwards it seems. I think that was partly out of choice/design and partly out of circumstance. Don’t remember it working too badly for him though.

          • Heh..personally I think Firmino as false 9 is not a bad option at all…it’s about the collective formation working really. When Lallana, Coutinho and Firmino are on song it can get really difficult for defenses to keep track of all the movement with help from the B2B MFs. Also, I think Firmino is probably our most in-form striker at the moment…moreso than Sturridge even and I expect him to be atleast 2nd best in terms of goal-scoring stats/abilities. Won’t be a bad idea to center the team around him in some matches so as to get the best out of him. His partnership with Sturridge doesn’t quite work but it’s early days really.

          • I like your point, nobody is going to moan if a new striker comes in though are they? I guess its a case of wait and see.

      • Thats why i say IF sturridge finishes the season healthy( that being a new record on its own) Sturridge is not immune to being sold if he keeps getting injured but at the moment i doubt will go after a striker

  15. Should have left Lyon when he was scoring for fun. Now, Newcastle beckons, Lacazette. AND, returning to your goal scoring nature of the past seasons just when the season is about to end simply because you wish to move to a different club is quite disrespectful to your current employers.

    We already have Sturridge, Ings and Origi!

  16. I’m really not sure about Lacazette…he could go eitherway it seems. There was far too much hype about him last season and almost everyone on this site was saying we should have signed him. This season hasn’t been so good to him and apparently that’s because of Fekir’s injury? If the reports above are true and the big clubs are linked with him then it goes to show that they’re probably thinking the same thing out here. Good enough for a try at the very least and see where it goes. Considering Lyon were willing to sell him for about 22mil in the winter I doubt he’s going to cost a lot more than that figure. My guess is if he does end up making a move it will more likely be to a fairly strong European club that does well in Champions League but not the top rung, or even top EPL clubs for that matter. Your Wolfsburg types.

    Almost definitely not to Liverpool though…Klopp seems happy with his options up front and the real talent/attacking value lies behind the strikers now. Going by our performances, it’s Firmino, Lallana, Coutinho, Milner that would be key to us unlocking defenses. Klopp could well end up centering the team around Firmino to get the best out of him…he seems to be our most prolific goal scorer judging by his form since the turn of the season.

    • The downside of signing him would be trying to keep all the strikers happy with possibly only one spot up for grabs.

  17. Would love to get Lacazette! He’s a proven goal scorer, and still not even in his prime years. Under Klopp, he could develop even more.

    And we’re desperate for a striker. Origi and Benteke can’t seem to score for toffee; Sturridge will manage a third of a season at most; And who knows if Ings will be the same after the injury. We’re basically using Firmino as a centre forward without any competition.

      • Strikers will always be measured on how many goals they score.

        He has potential. But I don’t think he’s ready yet.

        Apart from that game when he scored a hattrick, he rarely looks like scoring.

        • Ah bless you. Alot fans will take issue with what you posted, but good for you….. Good luck with those opinions……

  18. Lacazette – No. Fekir?!?! – Now, that’s an interesting thought…
    Sir Leo, I think you’re right here…

  19. I think we’ll be low on the list, but we should try. City, Chelsea, Arsenal and United would have room for a player like this. I think Arsenal are probably the favourites. They need a striker and they have money to spend. He’d get to live in London with a French coach and a team that will almost certainly be in the CL next season. Adding Lacazette would really strengthen Arsenal, make them even more genuine title contenders. He’ll get regular playing time, no problem there, and the fans would love him. Arsenal possibly also pay a slightly higher wage than we do. I think on all counts they have us beaten. The only downside is that gooners are ungrateful whinging gits who don’t appreciate what they’ve got.

  20. Cannot see it happening. I think Klopp will go for a versatile forward that can play across the line with pace. The interesting thing will be whether or not he sells Benteke or keeps him for another year. For me he will sell.

    • I don’t think Klopp will nevessarily buy a big name striker either, even if, as I’d like, Benteke goes.

      A big name striker would be nice, but there are other priorities for me.

    • Lacazette is a versatile forward – he played out wide for Lyon a lot previously. Regardless, I can’t see the move happening though as he is basically a better version of Ings (and I don’t see Ings going anywhere).

  21. Klopp won’t be taking any of that TC crap.

    He may have paid lip service to it when he joined but that’s all.

    Rodgers had the TC forced on him because he wasn’t considered experienced enough, he didn’t have a forceful enough personality and he desperately wanted to avoid having a DoF.

  22. Good, mobile and predatory. Ticks many boxes already and is young enough to improve further still under Klopp. My one worry is something of a prima donna attitude in some publicised dealings with the Lyon club management. Hopefully I’m mistaken.

  23. If there was a swap deal to be made, it should have been with Balotelli this past summer. Unfortunately it looks like his value is just depreciating even further after another wasted season, and LFC will have an even tougher job in shifting his wages again this year

  24. It is kinda funny – for the last two seasons I’ve been calling for Lacazette (1st choice) or Aubameyang to be signed as Suarez’s replacement and Sturridge’s partner/back-up.

    Two summers ago it was argued that neither was good enough and we needed a “bigger name”. Last summer apparently Aubameyang was not good enough and Lacazette was an unrealistic target as he was too good. Now Aubameyang is an unrealistic target as he’s too good, and Lacazette is not good enough…

    So much for form is temporary…

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