Bring back Reebok!

So, this summer will see our fourth and fifth new kits since adidas took over the kit manufacturing from Reebok last summer. The white third/European kit (worn on, I think, a whole two occasions – Watford and Barcelona away?) and the horrible looking yellow kit are both now retired for white and black replacements.

The new away kit (pictured above right) is white with red trim, unfortunately it sports the Carslberg logo in a horrible green. Surely that green could have been red and at least match the rest of the design? The design though isn’t too bad – the kit overall looks better than the nasty yellow of this season.

The new third kit (pictured left) is an odd choice of colour in that it is black – have we ever had a black kit before? We’re not Man United are we? I always thought the away kit became the new third kit each season, and we alternated between yellow and white for away kits so we had three different colours each season. Obviously not any more. And, to me, the black kit in particular looks more like a training top.

New Premier League LetteringThankfully, the home kit will not change – as per the club charter which states the home kit will remain for two season each time. Mind you, if you have names and numbers on yours then it is out of date as the Premier League (note, the Premier League not the Premiership since it has now been rebranded in the UK) has changed the letters and numbering for this season for a more modern look (click image to left).

The biggest problem I have with all the adidas kits so far, is that are in no way whatsoever unique to Liverpool FC. These designs will be similar if not the same as Chelsea will wear this season – and teams around Europe. In fact, FC Toronto in the MLS already wear our new away kit, just in slightly different colours [Image Link]

adidas come up with a few jersey designs each year which are available to any team in the world from junior league to Sunday league – very nice kits for your local pub team, sure. But the problem is that your local pub team can have pretty much the same kit as Liverpool FC – the same design at least.

Adidas kitsTake a look at the image on the left (click for bigger size), which shows the designs available online and at most good sports retailers. Yes, the same designs as the new away and third kits, just different colours. They are the adidas ‘United’ and adidas ‘Golpe’ ranges for 2007.

At least with Reebok we had some unique designs, for now then ill stick with the retro look thanks.