Fans react to Alonso exit

With the news that Xabi Alonso is set to sign for Real Madrid shortly, Liverpool fans have had their say on the Spanish midfielder’s exit to La Liga in our forums.

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And here’s our pick of the recent fans’ reactions to the final stage of the Alonso transfer saga:

TassieRed: “I knew it was coming but hey, I am always an optimist. The bottom line though is, when a player hands in a transfer request it’s pretty hard to hold onto him. All long term contracts mean is that the owning club can get a better price for him.”

Renzel: “Will definitely miss him and wish him all the best, that is unless he is playing against Liverpool!”

Redaido: “We’r losing a truely unique player but really dotn’t blame him for leaving after how he was treated last season think it realy put a dent in his trust of Rafa. Also Real are the ‘Liverpool’ of spanish football when it comes history, tradition and pedigree so he prob felt it was an unmissable opportunity.”

Big Wooden Spoon: “Thanks for the memories, especially the goals you scored whislt not in the oppositions half, and the equalising penalty in the Champions League final, not to mention the sendings off you helped win.”

HarryFloyd: “I know this may sound petulant and immature, but honestly I do not give a toss about what happens to Xabi. I wish him well for his future and hope that he enjoys success, but now I am much more concerned about what’s next in store for us.”

1dragon: “Sorry to see him go, but months of speculation and many sources confirming this is true long ago sort of softened the blow. It looks like we were more ready for this departure than previous ones.”

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