Win a 2014/15 Liverpool home shirt signed by the squad — including Mario Balotelli!

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This is Anfield are delighted to be teaming up with Football Fanager to offer readers the chance to win a Liverpool 2014/15 home shirt signed by the squad (including Mario Balotelli) with a two-week long fantasy football competition.

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In essence, the format of the game is very similar to the standard Premier League fantasy football that the majority of people play, but this one is short and sweet — 27th September to 5th October 2014.

You have a budget of £250 million to pick 11 players for your team, with transfer values based on real market values – no more arbitrary fees that are designed to prevent you selecting all the players you really want!

Your selected players then score points for goals, assists, clean sheets and lose points for receiving cards, conceding goals (defenders and goalkeepers only) missing penalties and so on. You will also have a captain pick that will score double points.

The league is completely free to join and will commence 15 minutes before kick-off of the first Premier League game on 27th September 2014 (Liverpool v Everton – 12:45pm), ending after the last game the following week on 5th October 2014 (West Ham v QPR – 4:15pm).

This means there are a total of 20 games in which players can contribute points to your teams tally. With this in mind, managers can also make up to 20 transfers in total over the two weeks – a maximum of 3 per any given day. So, make sure you strike a balance between having a good side for Saturday’s fixtures but also enough players ready to play on the Sunday as well.

To get involved in this fantastic opportunity to win a signed Liverpool shirt and prove your unparalleled football knowledge at the same time, simply click on the banner below to be redirected to the league sign-up.

It couldn’t be easier to enter a team, simply follow the instructions by selecting your formation, starting 11, captain and team name and that’s it, you’re in! Good Luck!

622 x 90 ff banner2